10 of the Best Podcast Planning Tools for Marketers

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Marketers today have an endless number of platforms, campaigns, and projects to keep track of. It can seem like with each passing year, our to-do lists grow a little bit longer.

However, there are many handy tools that can make your life simpler rather than more complicated. When it comes to managing a branded podcast with all of its moving parts, things can get out of control pretty quickly without proper planning.

As the saying goes, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail! So let’s set your next podcast season up for success with one of these project management and planning tools:

1. Google Workspace

This one’s a given, but Google Workspace is worth mentioning for any marketers who are still holding out on using all of its features.

With Google Workspace, you can easily collaborate with other marketers and clients in real-time, saving dozens of back-and-forth rounds of edits on scripts, show notes, and other podcast documents. Read More

Article originally published on CoHost.

Community Hot Take

Social media is good for the audience you already have, but it doesn’t always help you grow significant downloads.

Every time I say this on Twitter, I get arguments from people saying that Twitter has grown their audiences, and it grows their audience and that’s why they do it. It’s true that there are benefits to tweeting. I love tweeting! But I don’t think the ROI is what these people think it is. A lot of the positive feedback you get on Twitter is from other podcasters, which is great! But that might not be your audience. (The other reaction I get when I saw this is “thank god,” and that’s from the people who are usually extremely focused on making a good show.)

Let me flesh out the first statement: You should be on Twitter so people can find you, so that they can tag you when they want to rave about you, and when they want to get a sense of who you are. And maybe people are liking your tweets, but that doesn’t mean they’re downloading your episodes. Read More

Article originally written by Lauren Passell and published on Podcast Marketing Magic.

This is the NUMBER ONE REASON podcasts don’t grow and why your podcast may be STUCK at a small handful of downloads.

You can’t grow a podcast with a podcast. In this video I’m going to share with you a practice that you can put into place that will quickly 10X your podcast growth. Watch Now

Want to go viral on social media? LinkedIn has a message for you: Try that somewhere else.

"When things go viral on LinkedIn, usually that's a sign to us that we need to look into this, because that's not celebrated internally," says Dan Roth, LinkedIn's editor in chief.

So what is celebrated? That answer has changed over the past several months, as LinkedIn made significant updates to the way its feed works. As a result, some content is rewarded, some now has less reach, and you're probably seeing a lot fewer selfies. Read More

Article originally written by Jason Feifer and published on Entrepreneur.com.

Podcast Career Opportunities

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