20 YouTube Metrics You Need to Know to Grow Your Show

With YouTube being the #1 platform for podcast consumption, it’s important that we as podcasters understand the platfom. The following article will break down 20 of the most important YouTube KPIs that you need to know.

What is a KPI?

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable metric used to evaluate the success of a project, organization, or person in achieving specific objectives. KPIs provide measurable insights into performance, which helps you assess your progress and make informed decisions.

For instance, many businesses use revenue as a KPI because it represents the health of the business. If revenue goes up, things are clearly going well. If revenue falls, some changes might be in order. 

What are YouTube KPIs?

A YouTube KPI is – quite simply – a KPI that applies to your YouTube channel or video. You can use your KPIs to monitor the growth and success of your channel. You can find them tracked in your YouTube analytics dashboard. Read More

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Community Hot Take

Highlights of the December 2023 rankings include :

  • US UMA was down or flat for all of the Top 20 publishers in December 2023 over November 2023 (same as in December 2022).

  • The average US Unique Monthly Audience for the Top 20 publishers was down 13% month-over-month and down 13% over December 2022.

  • Total Global Downloads for the Top 20 publishers were down 19% month-over-month and down 24% year-over-year, due largely to modified download behavior by iOS 17 as it continues to be adopted by podcast listeners.

  • NPR News Now claimed the #1 spot on the Top 20 Podcast ranking.

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With podcast engagement on the increase, podcasts have become one of the top tools that marketers can leverage. Nearly 60% of all US consumers who are older than 12 listen to podcasts, according to podcast statistics shared by Statista. What’s more, the number of podcast listeners has basically doubled in 10 years. These numbers have a positive impact on podcast ad revenues too. According to online data shared by eMarketer, it’s anticipated that podcast ad revenues will be more than $2 billion in 2023.

This podcast ad revenue calculator has been developed to allow you to calculate the estimated podcast ad revenue easily. Check it out! 

In 2022, we launched the PodValue Initiative within PodMatch. It’s a profit-sharing program where we pay podcast hosts who use our platform. (How it works: Use PodMatch to find your guests, then get paid.) We had a very ambitious dream to put a quarter million dollars back into the hands of podcasters.

I am proud to announce that we have reached this goal!!!

Here’s how it went down:

  • 2022: $72,802.70

  • 2023: $185,364.47

  • Total: $258,167.17

Today at PodMatch HQ, we’re celebrating the podcasters who have been part of this. THANK YOU so much for trusting us and allowing us to play a small part in your success!

It’s not about the money, and it never will be. It’s about serving listeners through the vehicle of podcast interviews. It’s an honor and joy to help positively impact the bottom line of the indie podcasters who are making the world a better place! Learn More

Podcast Career Opportunities

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