2023 Podcast Marketing Trends

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What are the factors that contribute to podcast growth?

This is the guiding question behind this report. To attempt to answer it, we enlisted the help of 521 podcasters and industry professionals from a diverse set of personal backgrounds, niches, formats, and experience.

In Q1 of 2023, we asked them to complete a sadistically long and detailed survey, sharing month-by-month episode data, marketing activities, and a whole lot more.

To our delight (and to be honest, a bit of surprise), many were more than happy to do so.

Big vs Small

One of the questions we were most excited to explore was the difference between the actions, strategies, resources, and attributes of big shows vs those of smaller shows.

To do this, we divided the responses into three segments based on their self-reported download data and cross-analyze various other data points. Read More

Article originally published on Podcast Marketing Academy.

Community Hot Take

Join Elsie Escobar and a panel of esteemed guests from the podcasting industry as they share their insights, predictions, and wishes for the future of podcasting in 2024. The conversation offers a compelling and open-minded look at where podcasting is going, with relevant information to help you stay informed and on top of the ever-evolving podcast landscape. Watch Now

TikTok’s podcast experiment, which started earlier in 2023 and spent most of the year under the radar, is coming to a close. Beta testers of “Podcasts on TikTok” received a message from the social platform announcing the feature’s discontinuation, as of Friday.

The full message reads: “We wanted to inform you that later this year, we’ll be discontinuing the current beta test of Podcasts on TikTok. The podcast feature will be available until December 15th. At this time, podcast episode content that was uploaded to the platform will be removed from the platform — however, your TikTok videos will remain published. We value our podcast creators and see an immense opportunity in the audio space, but at this time we are focusing our efforts on other initiatives.” Read More

Article originally published on Radio Ink.

Believe it or not, there’s a method to the madness when it comes to podcast advertising. A show’s audience, content, and even the host can all have significant impacts on whether or not an advertising campaign goes well. We’ve covered most of these topics in previous blogs including how to set a host up for success, tips on how to run a successful campaign, understanding the different ad formats, and advice on how to run your first podcast campaign.

A podcast’s category can help inform you about the type of listeners to expect when deciding to run a campaign. This can help you to better align your brand with specific podcasts that are already reaching your target demographic(s). Some of these listeners are even more engaged than the average! Let’s take a look at the most popular categories and who their audience tends to be. Read More

Article originally published on RedCircle.

Podcast Career Opportunities

 🎤 🎧 Created by the team behind The Patron Saint of Suicides, YOUNG’S INFINITE CITY is a full-cast science fiction audio drama set in the near-apocalypse.

Rosalind Young is the most influential person on the planet. And she’s just gone missing.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, warships from seven countries surround a giant white mass floating in the water. To us, it might look like a marshmallow the size of a small island. A few decades from now, people will recognize it as M3, the most valuable substance on the planet, a sponge that provides drinking water for hundreds of millions of people a year. People kill for it. Countries might go to war for it.

 🎤 🎧 Welcome Shit-Talkers...I am Paula, owner & host of Talk Shit With P Podcast, a place where we celebrate the stories and talents of creative minds, all while raising awareness for mental health.We provide a safe space for creatives to share their experiences and insights, while promoting overall mental well-being within the community. 

Join us each week for inspiring conversations and resources, as we navigate the highs and lows of creative journeys and discuss effective mental health management. Whether you're an experienced creative or just beginning, Talk Shit With P is the podcast for you! Over here, we give you your flowers cause your journey matters!!After all, I am A Rebel With A Cause.

🎤 🎧 Marsh Naidoo shares their struggles, practical insights, and strategies to empower and educate parents raising their child with developmental delay or a disability on Raising Kellan.

Parents confronted with their child receiving a diagnosis of developmental delay or disability are often devastated by this unexpected reality. The fear of this unknown, coupled with the historical and cultural stigmas associated with disability, leads to anxiety and isolation.

This podcast is for parents on this challenging but not impossible journey.

🎤 🎧 Are you a mom who is ready to live a truly E.P.I.C. life? A few months before a big milestone birthday, host Julie Neale, a life and leadership coach, community builder and mom to two high-energy boys, decided to stop sidelining her dreams and become the hero of her own journey. She created Mother’s Quest to help light her way by gathering words of wisdom and lessons learned from other mothers further ahead on their quest.

Join in for intimate conversations with a diverse group of inspiring mothers as they share how they are living an E.P.I.C. life, engaging mindfully with their children (E), passionately and purposefully making a difference beyond their family (P), investing in themselves (I), and connecting to a strong support network (C). Come along with Julie and you are sure to find some treasures of your own.

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