4 Best Ways to Record Video Interviews Remotely Online

Recording remote video interviews don’t need to include glitchy internet, blackouts, and interruptions.

Using platforms like Riverside, remote video interviews can become professional recordings that capture each participant in crystal-clear quality. But hacking the actual recording process is only the first step. To perfect your video interview technique and get the most out of your participants, you need to know what you’re doing in terms of recording, interacting with your guest, and editing. 

In this guide, we’re walking you through the 4 best ways to record video interviews remotely online. So you can boss it every time. 

Why should you record video interviews online?

If you’re a little skeptical about recording video interviews online, here are 4 reasons you should consider it. Read More

Article originally written by Stephen Robles and published on Riverside.

Community Hot Take

Tech Lab’s Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines v2.2 public comment draft was released  on February 22, 2024 and public comment period closed on March 23. We thank all those who provided public comment feedback and are pleased to announce that it has been reviewed and incorporated in the final release. 


When Tech Lab and its many member company partners developed the first version of the Guidelines in September 2016, the mission was simple: establish an industry standard that would enable consistent, transparent, and, therefore, trustworthy measurement of podcast content and ad consumption. Read More

Article originally published on IABTechLab.

Entrepreneurs are no strangers to the benefits of networking. Relationships are where a lot of our business and personal connections are formed and fostered, and they are an integral part of our growth. This is especially true for entrepreneurial podcasters, as learning how to communicate effectively and grow our brand through networking is a key component of our business.

Without taking measures to improve our professional growth, our brands and businesses become less relevant amidst an increasingly competitive landscape. However, by learning how to best utilize your podcast's platform and following, you will be able to observe just how much of a networking and connection-building vehicle your podcast can be for you and your business. Read More

Article originally written by Ginni Saraswati and published on Entrepreneur.com.

Real people casting real voices since 1975, The Voicecaster was the very first voiceover casting house in the U.S. Over our (almost) 50 years, we’ve cast tens of thousands of projects and taught thousands of people how to use their voice to strengthen their personal brand. Whether you’re an actor, influencer, author, podcast host, or any other type of public speaker, your voice is your primary tool and knowing how to use it opens up endless opportunities.  

The Voicecaster offers training in microphone technique, strengthening your voice and presence, and how to obtain work in voiceover including podcasts, hosting, commercials, narration, animation, video games, and so much more. Along with our monthly LIVE recording of “Voiceover Casting Corner” with a Q&A, we offer live virtual training, and have a NEW online “learn at your own pace” training course being released this year. Learn More

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What is an Actively Established Podcaster? An Actively Established Podcast is defined as an interview-based podcast with at least 100 episodes and a release cadence of 10 days or less that’s run by a host who isn’t a celebrity, or part of a major media network.

Podcasting Industry Totals

There are 3,020,397 total podcasts, but only 398,987 are active.

💡 Fact: There has been no increase in the # of active podcasts since July 2020. (There are 309k fewer podcasts active now than in 2020!) Read More

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