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  • Announcing: Podfest Asia - A Whole New World of Education, Collaboration and Community

Announcing: Podfest Asia - A Whole New World of Education, Collaboration and Community

PODFEST, the longest-running annual podcasting conference in the world is excited to announce PODFEST ASIA, extending its unique brand of world-class education, collaboration and community to Asia via the Philippines on May 8!

We’ve partnered with Podcast Network Asia & MGS Global Group to build an event for everyone! From seasoned podcasters to those just getting started, PODFEST ASIA will be THE place to be to connect with fellow podcast enthusiasts, learn from industry experts, collaborate and discover the latest trends in the podcasting space.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to become a part of this and burgeoning podcasting community at Podfest Asia! Learn More

Community Hot Take

Get ready to take your podcasting game to the next level. Blubrry PAI is now available for all Blubrry hosting podcasters via a trial on the Podcaster Dashboard. See AI in the dashboard. Dive into all the details here for some insider tips and tricks. And, of course, the Blubrry support team is just a click away from any questions you might have. Read More

You can now effortlessly publish podcast episodes from your video playlists into high-quality audio podcasts, opening your content to a new audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or a YouTube creator looking to expand your reach Vid2Pod is a set-it-and-forget-it video-to-audio podcasting tool, available as part of our Advanced Hosting plans and above. Read More

This video takes a look at the myths and not-so-great tips that might be holding back small or new video podcast channels. It’s critically important to be able to spot the good advice from the bad and this video features some real, doable ways to help your channel grow without falling into those common traps. Watch Now

Creating a professional podcast from the comfort of your home involves a combination of technical adjustments, content refinement, and strategic practices. The key steps include using uniform microphones for consistent audio quality, leveling and boosting audio to make listening effortless, treating the room for optimal sound, practicing and perfecting your speaking and presentation skills, editing your podcast for clarity and engagement, and including an ad read to enhance its professional feel.

These steps ensure your podcast stands out by delivering a seamless listening experience, engaging content, and a professional touch that mirrors the quality of widely recognized shows. Read More

Podcast Career Opportunities

🎤 🎧 Define, challenge and conquer the BIGGEST issues facing you as an early stage entrepreneur or founder. With powerful episodes from the world's finest business experts, each episode challenges one specific issue and provides detailed, actionable takeaways that you can implement immediately within your business.

Build a Better Startup isn't just another interview podcast, this is the straight-talking, accountable and actionable show that features one problem, one expert and multiple solutions every single episode.

 🎤 🎧 Welcome to the New Age Human!… Eh well almost there... so close! Its a work-in-process right? This podcast is for those who are looking for alternative solutions to their lifestyle because main stream thinking has somehow made us consciously asleep ZzzzZz - AND ass-backwards. Join us for some fun and thought provoking conversations on the advancement of humanity and how we can prepare for the coming changes in society

🎤 🎧 Sales and Leadership Skills, Tips and Ideas that can lead you and or your company to Hyper Growth. Become a Selling Leadership Ninja today.

 🎤🎧 Content Creator Mary Barnett, also know as "MobileMary" is the Founder of Another Brilliant Idea. She is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their business with Digital Marketing & Communication tools, tips and resources that empower them to be bold and stand in their brilliance on her globally recognized show Brilliant Marketing With Mary.

This Issue Brought to You By

Saturday lunchtime at PodFest was an oversubscribed SOLD OUT, full house!

If you weren’t able to attend the session, or just want a quick recap, then click here to watch a short TEDx Style video of Adam’s talk.

Helping Podcasters Land Their TEDx Talk To Skyrocket Their Impact Through The TalkXcelerator Method"