Podfest 2023 - Another Celebration of Content and Community!

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Podfest 2023 - Another Celebration of Content and Community!

Podfest 2023

Podfest 2023 was a celebration like no other. Hundreds of people gathered from all over the world to celebrate the power of podcasting and the community that has formed around it. The atmosphere was electric with excitement as attendees listened to some of their favorite hosts share their stories, experiences and insights.

The event also provided an opportunity for attendees to network, collaborate and make new friends. The energy was palpable as people from all walks of life came together to celebrate their shared passion for podcasting and content creation. There was an energy of excitement and positivity throughout the whole weekend and attendees left feeling inspired, energized, and eager for what’s next.

As the event came to a close, the organizers announced that Podfest 2024 would mark the 10th anniversary of the event and promised it would be even bigger and better. The announcement was met with cheers and applause as everyone eagerly anticipated next year's celebration.

In conclusion, Podfest 2023 was an amazing event and we can't wait until the 10th anniversary in 2024. The power of podcasting and the community that surrounds it continues to grow and inspire, and Podfest is a testament to that.

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Illustration by Kristen Radtke / The Verge; Getty Images

The number of new shows that debuted in 2022 was down 80 percent since 2020.

One thing I keep hearing over and over is that it is so much harder to launch a podcast now than it was, say, three or four years ago. And that is usually coming from people at established studios with at least some marketing might. For independent creators, it must be nearly impossible. It is not entirely surprising that, according to data compiled by Chartr from Listen Notes, fewer podcasts were created in 2022 than in the two years prior. Even so, the margin is shocking: the number of new shows created dropped by nearly 80 percent between 2020 and 2022.

Some of that can be attributed to the pandemic — podcast creation peaked in 2020 when people truly had nothing better to do. But the number of new shows in 2022 was even lower than pre-pandemic levels: 337,063 podcasts were launched in 2019, compared to 219,178 in 2022. New episode creation has fared somewhat better. Though still lower than 2020 and 2021 figures, Listen Notes logged 26.1 million new episodes published in 2022, up from the 18.1 million episodes in 2019. Read More

Article originally written by Ariel Shapiro and published on The Verge.

Community Hot Take

Do you find planning your podcast episodes to be challenging? There’s a lot to consider and organize into an engaging piece of the content. The trick is to simplify your work into a repeatable process. This podcast planning template will help!

This podcast planning template is designed to help you put all of your research, notes, and instructions in one centralized place. Use it for yourself and share it with your podcast team so everyone has everything they need to produce a great episode together.

Before we get into the actual template, let’s discuss your options for using it. Read More

Article originally published on Castos.com

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I remember a time when folks in podcasting thought trailers were an afterthought; something they had to do to submit new feeds to podcatchers, but not something to spend a whole lot of time on.

But a good trailer can be absolutely magical. It’s a small taste of a larger project that, when done well, can make it impossible for listeners not to hit play on the first episode.

So, what makes a good trailer? And how can you make yours even better?

We’ve put together this guide with some of our best tips, tricks, and secrets that the pros use to make their shows shine in 60 seconds or less. Read More

Podcast Career Opportunities

🎤 🎧 Join Brandon Arvay on the Lexington Business Show for weekly conversations with the businesses and people that make Lexington, Kentucky an incredible place to live, work, & play.

🎤 🎧 Discover Lauren Abrams surprising journey through tough times which ultimately led to a shift where she knew everything would work out, and how you can keep going (even if you don't know how!) on 52 Weeks of Hope.

Now a successful employee rights lawyer, Lauren experienced a crisis that was the catapult for a quest where she interviews a person a week for a year asking them to share their messages of hope. “People would tell me the most unbelievable stories," which ultimately led to this podcast.

She also discusses the shift the world is going through right now, just like a lot of us are going through personally. Community is so important, and if we all just hang in there, it really will get better. Join our 52 Weeks of Hope community!

🎤 🎧 Gabe Alluisy explores the best in golf travel - from the world's top golf travel destinations to the finest golf tour operators. Find your next golf trip idea and explore the history and culture surrounding the world's greatest game with the guys from Let's Play Thru.

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Podfest Expo 2023

A Podfest event is so much more that just a mere conference. While we pride ourselves on featuring the most engaging speakers, exciting topics and in-depth content, the thing that sets a Podfest event apart from all others is the tight-knit community we've been building since 2013. You don't just attend a Podfest event - you become part of the Podfest family.