Are Podcasts Cool Again?

Everyone I talk to under 30 has a list of fresh podcast recommendations (followed by a list of things I say that make me sound old).

There was a moment last year when industry headlines over-shadowed actual sentiments from listeners. What if we never actually lost our cool factor?

Podcasts are now mainstream. Just a few years ago people working in podcasting used to have to explain their job in painstaking detail or lie about what they did to avoid being asked how they make a living. But today, dinner talk with friends now revolves podcasts you “need to listen to” (right up there with around TikToks trends, creators and musicians on YouTube).

This shift was caused by the expanding profile of podcast listeners over the last five years. The cool kids are here. Popular creators like Emma Chamberlain, media brands like HBO, Netflix, CBS, and a myriad of YouTube creators have all invested in their podcast presence. Read More

Article originally written by Matt Mise and published on PacificContent.

Community Hot Take

If you're running a branded podcast, you know that it's not just about creating great content - it's about leveraging that content to achieve your business goals. 

For many brands, their goals are based on awareness, thought leadership, brand perception, and trust. These are all valuable goals but don’t provide tangible results on how podcasts are impacting your bottom line. 

So the question becomes, how can you make sure that your podcast is actually driving conversions and bringing in new leads in order to measure podcast ROI? 

In this article, we'll cover all the tips and tricks and in no time, you will be successfully generating leads that help you grow and reach more people. So, let's dive in! Read More

Article originally published on CoHost.

Choosing the right podcast equipment can either make or break your podcast quality. 

Although, this doesn’t mean creating a podcast equipment setup needs to be intimidating. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, you can read through our essential equipment checklist to find out all the ins and outs of what you’ll need to record your podcast.

The team at Riverside will walk you through the best podcast equipment for every budget, from podcast microphones and shock mounts to podcast recording software. Read More

Article originally written by Stephen Robles and published on

This is good news for YouTube podcasters!

Last June, YouTube previewed its coming A/B thumbnail testing option, which will provide another means to help creators optimize their content performance.

As demonstrated in the clip, YouTube’s thumbnail testing option will enable creators to upload three thumbnail variations for each video, then run them in a comparative test for up to two weeks. From there, you’ll be able to choose the best-performing attention-grabber, which could be another way to improve video engagement. Read More

Article originally written by Andrew Hutchinson and published on SocialMediaToday

Podcast Career Opportunities

🎤 🎧 What Was That Like, hosted by Scott Johnson in conjunction with Glassbox Media, has reached 10 million downloads since starting almost 6 years ago. Each episode is a conversation with a regular person who has experienced something extremely unusual. Over 160 stories to binge. This week's episode is with Hali. She was watching the new Batman release, The Dark Knight, in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado when a gunman came in and started firing into the crowd.

Scott is always looking for new stories, and he's at Podfest in Orlando this week - if something crazy has happened to you, find him and say hi.

 🎤 🎧 What are we not thinking enough about? Join us as we evaluate our thought life on Thinkless. Hosted by Amber Butaud and Parker Richardson

🎤 🎧 Do you work for yourself and want to supercharge your business? While still having fun? The Exit Interview with Kim Rittberg is your go-to podcast. Part MBA, part cheer squad, award-winning digital marketer Kim Rittberg is joined by top business owners who share their secrets to success.

After Kim found herself working during childbirth (true story!), she quit her executive media job to bet on herself, fighting fear and imposter syndrome to eventually earn 6 awards, an in-demand speaking career and features in Fast Company and Business Insider.

 🎤🎧 Have you ever wanted to know how to launch, produce, and promote a video podcast? There are lots of ways to get started, but to really succeed, you need to get into the Flow of it.

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