Big Podcast Energy: How to Get It!

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Forget about massive shows, long ads, and large budgets. Campaigns with big podcast energy use strategy and scale—and the right network—to reach their goals.

There are some big podcasts out there, with even bigger names. We’re talking Office Ladies, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, and StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson. And with inventory for these shows often selling out, it’s easy to develop a bit of podcast envy. But advertisers of all sizes need to remember something very important—it’s not just the size of the podcast that makes campaigns successful, it’s how you use your ad spend.

Big podcast energy (BPE) isn’t about running the longest ads on the biggest shows or brands with the deepest pockets scoring all the space. BPE is about strategy with swagger: flexibility, format, position—and yeah, the right podcast network.

If you want to extend your campaign into all the right places, here’s how to get BPE. Read More

Article originally published on SXM Media

Community Hot Take

At the end of the day, grabbing hold of your audience’s attention is key to a successful branded podcast.

Finding the right podcast length is one of the key elements for holding a listener’s interest and also increasing audience retention, user interactions, and overall engagement.

But how do you determine how long your podcast should be?

‍As shown in CoHost’s State of Branded Podcasts report, the most popular length for branded podcasts is 21-30 minutes, followed by 41-50 minutes. Read More

Article originally posted on CoHost.

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Podcast Career Opportunities

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Canadian True Crime was created by Kristi Lee at the end of 2016. She is the narrator of the podcast as well as the primary writer and producer, with regular contributions from a talented group of audio editors, writers, and researchers.

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