Can AI Replace a Real Podcaster?

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AI Podcast

“On a recent podcast episode, you can hear Joe Rogan ask OpenAI founder Sam Altman whether society should be concerned about fake AI content. “How will we be able to tell what’s real and what’s not?” It was a particularly fitting question for the episode — since the entire hourlong conversation was generated by AI.”

Depending on whom you ask, AI is either an existential threat to every creative industry, a groundbreaking technology that will advance human civilization, or a kind of fun, dumb toy that is ultimately a pale imitation of the real deal. The creator of The Joe Rogan AI Experience, a sort of AI-generated fanfic YouTube podcast that depicts imaginary conversations between Rogan and a new guest every episode, kind of believes all three. Or at least, he brings up all three over the course of a nearly hourlong discussion that Hot Pod had with him earlier this month.

Hugo, who asked us to only use his first name to protect his identity, is a creative director for a VFX studio and ad agency in Sydney, Australia. Hugo is quick to admit that his YouTube podcast is just for fun and not intended as any real threat to the real Rogan or actual flesh and blood podcasters.

“This is purely fiction — just for fun — so don’t go around making your little TikToks and make the world believe I said things I never said,” the AI clone of Joe Rogan AI warns in the first episode of the podcast, which Hugo published a month ago. In it, the fake Rogan and an equally fake Altman have a ChatGPT-scripted conversation. The resulting podcast was eerie enough that Rogan addressed it himself. Read More

Article originally written by Amrita Khalid and published on Hot Pod

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