Creative Podcast Ideas to Re-Engage Your Audience

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Whether you’re a brand new podcaster or a seasoned professional, creating fresh and engaging content can be challenging. Here are some podcast ideas to help bring new energy to your audio and re-engage your listeners. 

No. Podcasting is no longer a passing fad. There are very real and profitable reasons why companies are making podcasts a part of their marketing strategy. And a lot of that power lies in how effective they are in engaging their audiences.

But, as we all know, brands can get stuck in their ways. The content stays the same. The episode format remains the same. And as the podcast landscape evolves, some branded podcasts get left behind.

What happens when the numbers fall?

When the "higher ups" start to see the download numbers fall, the marketing team often panics. They'll resort to an internal pitch to boost their quarterly ad spend. So many podcasters push sporadic pools of money towards paid ads, cross their fingers and then hope that it increases their numbers.

Can this work? Yes, but only to a point. That strategy needs to be consistent, well planned, and well executed—which can get costly. A much smarter approach is to focus on content. With that said, it's time to look at the product you're putting out. Read More

Article originally written by Claire Gould and published on Lower Street.

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Traci DeForge

Join Traci DeForge, CEO of Produce Your Podcast, for a free session on Thursday, April 13, 2023 at 2pm EST/11am PST on using your podcast to drive visibility, leads, and sales.

There is an increased demand from business owners with podcasts seeking tactile information on how to grow their show and drive more sales and leads from their podcast. “Produce Your Podcast has successfully been working with our clients for years as they’ve experienced exponential growth,” states DeForge.

There is a large strategy gap between what works well for lifestyle/celebrity podcasts versus branded content podcasts. “Even brilliant marketing teams admit hitting a wall when it comes to sustaining the podcast over time,” said DeForge. “Produce Your Podcast created simple systems to help business owners with podcasts drive visibility, leads and sales and we’re excited to teach our signature systems to a wider audience.”

In our free session, participants will learn the following:

  • Why businesses struggle to drive traffic to their podcasts to effectively build their audience (and how to solve it)

  • The most common marketing mistakes that result in people scrolling past podcasts online

  • How to start building a simple yet scalable plan for monetization - across their own products and services AND external sponsors, ads, etc.

If you are a podcast host who uses your podcast to drive growth in your business for thought leadership, lead generation, and sales into your programs and products, then save your seat for the free webinar here.  

Libsyn Spanish

The leading all-in-one podcasting platform for creators and advertisers, announced that its powerful publishing and content management platform is now available in Spanish. The Spanish-language integration represents an important step in Libsyn’s ongoing commitment to creator empowerment for traditionally underserved populations like the Hispanic community.

Specifically, Spanish-speaking creators can now take full advantage of Libsyn´s trusted hosting platform that offers in-depth IAB stats on episode and show performance, Canva platform integration, episode snippets, and custom audio players. Specifically, the language setting is available on:

  • The Libsyn homepage, sign-in, the blog, and support page

  • The sign-up, plans & pricing, features, and monetization pages

  • The Libsyn dashboard

  • The knowledge-based articles

  • The tooltips & guides page

  • The invoicing page

Beyond offering the language setting via its support page, Libsyn is also offering ‘Help Desk’ support, providing Spanish language assistance. Learn More

Podcast Career Opportunities

🎉 ✨ Happy 3rd Podversary to Brad Walsh, host of Empowerography!


Empowerography is a platform that believes in amplifying the voices of women and empowering their platforms to share messages of inspiration and community. We are empowering women ONE show at a time 

🎤 🎧 There are many elements in our lives that affect our well-being and there are many ways that we can explore them. One avenue to optimal self-care is having open, honest conversations about what it means to be well.

Navigate love and relationships, purpose and meaning, mental health and wellness, success and failure, and all of those things that make us human with Whitney Lauritsen on This Might Get Uncomfortable.

Whitney has over 13 years of professional experience in the health, wellness, and entertainment industries. She guides you through the confusion and the curiosity, the suffering and the unfulfilled potential, and the questions of why we’re here and what we’re doing.


🎤 🎧 How are you consistently the best you while dating or in a relationship? We discuss all kinds of crazy scenarios, and more. From the creator of the highly acclaimed Dating Intelligence blog, finally comes Dating Intelligence- the Podcast.

Tennis pro Christopher Louis and his cohost, international model, Jamie Villamor, help give relationship advice on dating to marriage, and everything in between. Join the fun as they bring in guests to discuss any and all topics dealing with issues we encounter in our dating and relationship lives. Nothing is off limits.

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