Everything You Know About Spotify Podcasts is a Lie

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It seems like the writing is on the soundproofed wall: The podcast boom is over, and this week’s news is evidence.

Spotify laid off 17% of the company - its third round of layoffs this year - and canceled two highly acclaimed shows, including a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for audio reporting. But as a whole, the podcast industry didn’t fail. It’s just that Spotify took a billion-dollar swing and whiffed, and now podcasters have to navigate the fallout.

“Spotify has kind of set the terms of the quote-unquote ‘health’ of the podcasting industry based on their actions as a tech company,” said Eric Silver, co-founder and head of creative at Multitude, an independent podcast collective. “But Spotify’s choices don’t have anything to do with me. It’s just that they keep failing so publicly, and now everyone thinks podcasting is dead, which really frustrates me.”

When outsiders think of podcasting, they may imagine mega-viral hits like “Serial” or long-standing institutions like “This American Life.” But for the long tail of podcast creators — those who make podcasts for a living, but aren’t getting multi-million-dollar deals from Amazon, Apple or Spotify — the industry isn’t as imperiled as it seems. And yet, Spotify’s shadow looms so large over the podcasting industry that it’s impossible for its failures not to reverberate. Read More

Article originally written by Amanda Silberling and published on TechCrunch

Community Hot Take

2023 has been a banner year for YouTube as a podcast destination.

In 2021, YouTube was the third most accessed destination for podcasts. In 2022, it tied Spotify as the platform used most among weekly podcast listeners. Now across two studies in 2023, YouTube has pulled away from the pack and leads as the most used podcast platform in the U.S.

For the eleventh edition of the Podcast Download series, Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights retained MARU/Matchbox to conduct an in-depth study of 608 weekly podcast consumers from October 13-19, 2023. Two studies are conducted annually. The Fall 2023 Report highlights trends from prior studies and examines topics such as platform preference, content trends, perceptions of brand safety and content appropriateness, and more. Read More

Podfest has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a meetup of 13 curious individuals. Today, it stands as a testament to the power of community and how it can bring creatives from around the world together. Chris Krimitsos, the generous founder of Podfest, known for his exceptional ability to bring people together, has transformed this annual event into a globally recognized exposition while maintaining the heart of a close-knit community.

At Podfest 2023, Zack Demopoulos and John Largent, repeat attendees of Podfest, were presented with the opportunity to host a healthcare meetup. They shared about the gathering in the Podfest event app and were pleasantly surprised when over 50 people entered the room. After witnessing the meaningful conversation and connection, it was unanimously decided that this was the beginning of an annual event for healthcare creators. Sabrina Runbeck, a first-time Podfest attendee, joined Zack and John to establish Healthcare Amplified as a collaborative community for healthcare professionals and creatives. Read More

Artical originally article published on Healthcare Amplified.

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Highlights of the November 2023 rankings include :

  • US UMA increased or was flat for three of the Top 20 publishers in November 2023 over October 2023.

  • The average US Unique Monthly Audience for the Top 20 publishers was down 3% month-over-month and down 9% over November 2022.

  • Total Global Downloads for the Top 20 publishers were down 15% month-over-month and down 19% year-over-year, due largely to modified download behavior by iOS 17.

  • The combined Audience for the Top Sales Networks was up 9% month-over-month.

Article originally published on Podtrac

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