Everything You Should Know About SEO For Podcasts

When you think of optimizing your podcast for SEO, things that come to mind are likely keywords, how to target them, or strong content strategies. But, most people don’t associate podcasts with search engine optimizations and are missing some key growth opportunities. In this post, we’ll teach you SEO for podcasts, including some podcast SEO tips that can introduce a podcast to new audiences and contribute to a brand’s ranking authority with Google.

It’s not surprising that podcasts, an audio format, aren’t typically associated with SEO practices. Google couldn’t index audio content until recently. Starting in mid-2019, Google began scanning audio files for relevance, marking a new territory for podcasts and content marketing.

There are tactics you can use to optimize your podcast, for both written and audio content, so that it ranks higher within search engine results. This means not only more listeners for your podcasts, but also more website visitors and improved brand awareness. Some of these podcast SEO tips overlap with general SEO practices, while others are specific to audio content.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to optimize your podcast, give you an overview of everything you need to know about SEO for podcasts, and show you how to make your show more SEO-friendly. Read More

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Community Hot Take

Alex Pearlman shut the door on dreams of a standup comedy career almost a decade ago, pivoting from the stage to an office cubicle where he worked a customer service job.

Then he started posting random jokes and commentary about pop culture and politics on TikTok. Just over 2.5 million followers later, he quit his nine-to-five and recently booked his first nationwide tour.

Pearlman is among the many TikTok creators across the U.S. outraged over a bipartisan bill passed by the House of Representatives on Wednesday that would lead to a nationwide ban of the popular video app if its China-based owner, ByteDance, doesn’t sell its stake. The bill still needs to go through the Senate, where its prospects are unclear. Read More

Article originally written by Leah Willingham and published on APNews.

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You’ve spent hours writing your podcast script, recording your voiceover, and editing your show in your podcast editor of choice. Before you hit publish, there’s one final thing to consider: music.

Music is a key (and often underestimated) part of starting any podcast. It has the power to change your listeners’ mood, keep them engaged, and add personality to your podcast—three components of a chart-topping show. The problem is: you can’t dump any old song into your podcast. You need to check the license of the song before using it legally. Read More

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