Half of Podcasters Still not Publishing Video

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Ask any podcaster what they think about video, and it will go one of two ways: they’ll either tell you with absolute confidence that video is the future of podcasting, or they’ll say (with equal confidence) that video podcasting is just a fad.

A few months ago, we ran an independent podcaster census that revealed just how split creators are when it comes to video. Despite all the hype, 51% of the 1,200 podcasters we surveyed told us they aren’t publishing video podcasts. 32% said they had no plans to in future either.

So if video podcasts really are going to disrupt the podcast industry as much as we’re being told (and disclaimer: we joined the hype too), why isn’t every podcaster and their dog already publishing video right now?

The video podcast workflow is still too fragmented

The ability to run a video podcast is as old as the RSS feed itself. But one of the main reasons video has never become ubiquitous amongst podcasters (apart from the fact that video and audio are two different mediums) is to do with practicality. Read More

Article originally written by Katie Paterson adn published on Sounds Profitable

Community Hot Take

A transcription is a word-for-word account of what was said during your podcast. It is just a written version of your podcast.

Transcriptions are often used as supplemental pieces to your podcast, providing an accurate record of what was said. They were initially designed to help reach a broader audience by improving accessibility. Transcriptions are the perfect tool for helping people who may have difficulty hearing or understanding video or, in this case, audio content. They ensure everyone can enjoy your message!

Why use transcriptions?

Like we said, transcriptions are good, valuable things. “Hear” are our top reasons why you should use and transcribe your podcast: Read More

Article originally published on Headliner

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