How Do iTunes Podcast Rankings Work?

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Think back to the last time you browsed for a podcast to listen to. You probably picked an interesting category and explored whatever appeared on top. And you probably chose a show that was fairly close to the top of the list (at least in the top 100 of the Apple podcast charts). That’s how everyone browses, and it’s why iTunes podcast rankings are so important.

When we talk about iTunes podcast rankings, we’re referring to the way iTunes lists you within a category or subcategory.

That isn’t a random list. It’s a carefully contracting ranking based on multiple factors. An algorithm calculates each factor for each show to rank shows. The list changes constantly, though many of the shows at the top remain there for quite some time.

It’s no secret that podcasts that appear higher in the podcast charts get more listeners. As you gain a higher rank, you’ll enjoy two big benefits:

  1. Exposure – People are more likely to see your podcast, which makes them more likely to try it out. This effect increases as you get closer to the top of any given list.

  2. Credibility – If your podcast is at the top of the list, people assume it’s a high quality show. They’ll assume that other people must like it. Like exposure, this effect is also exponential. It increases as you get closer to the top.

Those are powerful effects that go a long way toward marketing your podcast. If you can score a top position in the iTunes podcast rankings, your show will grow organically, week after week, without much work on your end (except making quality content, of course). Read More

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Everyone and their brother seems to have a podcast nowadays. The question is, how can you make yours a successful venture so that you keep showing up with new episodes?

Simply put, a podcast call to action, or CTA, is a request for listeners to do something. It could be something like requesting they visit your official website, buy some merch, write a review on iTunes, or just tell their friends about the show. Word of mouth is still one of the major ways that podcasts gain listenership, and that’s why including a request to tell others is still the most popular CTA. Read More

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Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network and hosted by Katie Krimitsos.