How to Build an Effective Podcast Strategy

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Effective Podcast Strategies

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You’ve taken your mic out of the box. You’re an audio whiz and a superstar interviewer. Now what? It’s time to grow and market your podcast.

To go head-to-head with the likes of You’re Wrong About and Crime Junkie, you’ll need to develop a strategic plan for audience engagement. Because if your content is amazing but it’s not reaching listeners, well, that’s a big bummer—but as always, we gotchu.

To learn more about how to build an effective podcast strategy, Sidekick spoke with global head of content strategy and publishing of owned editorial at Spotify, Scott Henkemeyer; founder of the EarBuds Pod Collective and head of community and content a Squadcast, Arielle Nissenblatt; and chief marketing officer at Pushkin Industries, Heather Fain.

All three of our experts are, first and foremost, podcast superfans—a fact that informs many of the marketing decisions they make. “It’s a very collaborative medium,” Arielle Nissenblatt told Sidekick. “You can really build marketing strategy into every aspect of your content creation.” Read More

Artical originally written by Sabrina Sanchez and published on Morning Brew.

Community Hot Take

Podfest Nashville Meetup 2023 

Podfest Nashville Meetup

As we close out an amazing Podfest Multimedia Expo we now start the Podfest Pod tour! Special thanks to Lee Uehara for putting together this soft launch event in Nashville!

The event was a ton of fun as Lee was joined by Jim Grinstead, Andrea Mai, Jessica F, Jennifer C, Alyssa, Elizabeth, Tiffany as they all got to talk shop, life, and had a ton of fun laughs together.

If you want to host an event in your city this year let’s us know. We are excited to hold events all over the world this year bringing the podcast world even closer together!

Podfest Podcast 30

We are going to give you tips you can use to make Podfest 2023 your best Podfest conference EVER. And, that means Glenn the Geek and Producer Jaime are sharing both tips for final preparations before you go AND tips for while you are there. We'll see you at the conference!

Link to Sound File for Sight Impaired: Click Here

Hosts and Executive Producers: Glenn the Geek of Horse Radio Network and Producer Jaime of Flint Stone Media, Florida Podcast Network, and Podcasting Your Brand | Catch their past show, Finding Florida!

LinkedIn Made Easy

Are you great at creating content on other social media platforms?

But you don’t feel like you are getting the customers, clients, or other businesses to see what you do and how they can benefit from that on LinkedIn?If they could actually see what you do this would significantly boost your revenue.

LinkedIn is an underutilized business tool. To harness the power of LinkedIn you need to bring your podcast to the platform and turn your LinkedIn Video & live streaming into a purpose driven message.

This sets you up to stand out among the nearly 1 billion business professionals on LinkedIn, gain more clients and increase your revenue! Learn More

Podcast Career Opportunities

🎤 🎧 If you're a creative or entrepreneur looking for motivation and education to build your brand or business, you'll want to tune into the Create Something Awesome Today Podcast, hosted by Creative Entrepreneur and Public Speaker, Roberto Blake and featuring special guests like Pat Flynn, Kimra Luna, Chris Ducker, and Sara Dietschy!

🎤 🎧 Brands On Brands is a top 10 branding podcast for consultants, coaches, content creators & entrepreneurs! Learn how to build authority and position yourself as #1 in your industry from the world's top personal branding and content marketing experts.

Your host, Brandon Birkmeyer, spent 18 years crafting the brand strategy for Forbes top 100 brands at the largest ad agencies in the U.S. And today, he is a personal branding expert, coaching on all things personal branding, content marketing, and social media.


🎤 🎧   MyBizness is a podcast that explores all aspects of business and entrepreneurship; hosted by one of industry's most unique and entertaining CEOs, David Baldini. Whether it's through banter with celebrity guests or industry leaders, the MyBizness podcast delves into the stories that shape individuals and companies.

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