How to Name Your Podcast - Choosing the Best Podcast Title

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Is your podcast name brilliant? How do you know? Are there any rules or guidelines to judge by?

The answer is YES. Before you commission podcast artwork and print swag, it is important to consider some best practices.

Can you break the rules? Yes again, but only if you know what they are.

Your number one goal is to keep your podcast title brief and intriguing — attention-getting — one with the draw to become a household name among your target audience. That’s a big ask, but worth the work.

And remember, your podcast name is about more than good looks; it has a very functional role.

It is also an important contributor to discovery and audience growth, identifying your podcast in search results on your favorite podcast app or podcast directory.

In this article, we use the words “podcast show name,” “podcast title,” and “podcast name” interchangeably to describe the ONE name for your podcast. Podcast episode titles are distinctly different and have their own guidelines. Here we focus solely on the podcast name. Read More

Article originally published on Libsyn.

Community Hot Take

When it comes to Kids & Family podcasts, our goal is to make it easier for parents to find great shows for their kids and help creators find audiences for their shows. Below, you’ll find some recommendations for how to optimize your kid-first content to best serve listeners.

Choosing the right category

If the main audience for your show is children, there are three category options available. You can choose more than one category, but whichever you list first will be the category that appears on your show page and will determine which charts your show appears in. Read More

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Podcast Career Opportunities

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🎤 🎧 Join the librarians of Middle Country as they chat about upcoming programs and events, hear entertaining discussions on what to read, what to watch, and what to do at Middle Country Public Library!

🎤 🎧 Two dorks' endless journey to create the perfect playlist for every vibe on The Perfect Playlist Podcast with Justin DiMinni.

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