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How to use Descript: Tips & Tricks to Speed up your Editing Workflow

If you’re creating podcasts or videos on a regular basis, chances are you have a pretty solid workflow. Taking time to learn new ways to streamline your workflow (like how to use Descript) feels worse than just shouldering on, no matter how many minutes the new techniques could save you.

Well, here’s the thing about minutes: they add up, fast. If you’re spending hours on every project, even when there are easier, more advanced methods out there, your likelihood of burnout is way higher than someone who's pumping out weekly videos, social clips, and bloopers in the same amount of time. 

We think Descript is the best advanced method, of course. Matt Medeiros, the executive producer and host of the podcast Breakdown from Gravity Forms and publisher of The Podcast Setup newsletter, was able to offer us some of his insights for how Descript has helped him over the years. Read More

Article originally written by Megan Schmidt and published on Descript.

Community Hot Take

Podcasting is an extraordinary medium that allows people to share information, perspectives, stories, and ideas with listeners around the world. With Apple Podcasts our guiding principle is simple: we want to provide a delightful, trusted experience for listeners, and rewarding opportunities for creators to distribute and monetize their shows.

To help creators and listeners know what to expect from each other, and from Apple Podcasts, we maintain the following content guidelines. These guidelines will evolve over time and we will keep creators informed of significant changes as they are updated. Read More

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