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LinkedIn Podcast Academy

At LinkedIn, we want to meet our members where they are. And increasingly we are finding that the world’s professionals are turning to podcasts to get the insights and inspiration they need to accelerate in their careers, boasting more than 460 million listeners globally.

“What are you listening to right now?”

That is one of my favorite questions to ask in a job interview. When a candidate names a niche podcast I have never heard of, it provides immediate insight into who they are and what they care about. When a candidate names a podcast I also listen to, it immediately sparks a conversation where we dive deep into a recent episode. And it is no surprise that everyone has an answer.

To help podcasters go from broadcasters to community builders, last year we launched the LinkedIn Podcast Network, which showcases established, award-winning podcasts that are leading the conversation in business. Read More

Article originally written by Courtney Chapman Coupe and published on LinkedIn

Community Hot Take
Remote Recording

Remote podcasting is a necessity!

But if you’ve never podcasted remotely before or you want to improve the quality of your recordings, you may be wondering: How can I create a quality recording studio at home?

Luckily, recording long-distance interviews isn’t challenging if you’ve got the right tools and dedicated remote recording software like Riverside. Read on for some tips and advice on how to record a high-quality podcast remotely.

Before You Start

If you don’t already have an established podcast, the first step is to take stock of your goals. What style of podcast are you hoping to start? The most popular formats are:

  • Interview podcasts

  • Conversations between two or more hosts

  • Solo shows

  • Narrative podcasts (like audio dramas and documentaries) Read More

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Gordon Firemark

As the popularity of podcasting continues to grow, so do the legal and business considerations that come with it. To help podcasters navigate these challenges, Gordon Firemark, The Podcast Lawyer™, will be hosting a free, online workshop titled "Business & Legal Fundamentals for Podcast Growth & Profit" on March 27 at 9am pacific time.

During the workshop, podcasters of all experience levels will learn about the legal and business considerations that are essential to growing and monetizing their podcasts while staying on the right side of the law. Attendees will gain valuable insights on intellectual property and privacy law, as well as strategies for monetizing their podcasts and negotiating with advertisers and sponsors. attendees will learn:

  • The 3 prerequisites to truly professional results as a podcaster

  • 4 essential components to a solid, professional, businesslike approach to podcasting (or any entrepreneurial activity)

  • The 5 biggest mistakes podcasters make that hold them back from easy growth and success

  • How to quickly and easily get your podcast's business and legal affairs in order, (without hiring expensive attorneys.)

Gordon Firemark is an experienced entertainment, media and business lawyer and a leading expert in podcasting law. He has worked with some of the biggest names in podcasting and has helped countless podcasters to protect their podcasts and grow their audiences. Register Here

Podcast Career Opportunities

🎤 🎧 Deneen L. Garrett, a Dream Lifestyle Coach, and keynote speaker is the host of Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation (An Intimate Conversation with Women of Color) is a podcast for Women of Color who want more out of life. This show is for women who have had enough and want change, especially those who have been waiting to choose themselves and live boldly.In each episode, hear from women from different backgrounds, countries, and ages who have embarked on personal journeys, sharing their stories of empowerment, overcoming, and their path to living a dream lifestyle.

🎤 🎧 To All The Men I’ve Tolerated Before, the weekly podcast where host, Natalie Katona, invites guests on the podcast to chat about living in the world of men.

The podcast delves into different male tropes the world has had to endure like the sports guy, the toxic boss, or the needy boyfriend. It also allows the guests to delve into how men have affected their comfort levels in the communities they take up space in like the horror genre, professional wrestling, or the military.

After the honest, comedic venting, the guest and Natalie will offer up their biggest growth moment from having to tolerate the men they’ve discussed and offer everyone up some great manifestations. Let’s work on a better, inclusive, and safer future for everyone with some radical honesty and less tolerating!


🎤 🎧 The healthcare industry is in a state of flux, with new technologies, regulations, and challenges emerging all the time. Healthcare entrepreneurs and startup founders face an uphill battle, competing with established players in the industry while striving to make a positive impact. The Provider's Edge is a podcast that recognizes these challenges and aims to provide a roadmap for success.

Sabrina Runbeck, the host of Provider's Edge podcast, has first-hand experience with the challenges facing healthcare entrepreneurs. As a Cardiothoracic Surgery Physician Associate with more than 12 years of experience in public health and neuroscience, she has seen the toll that burnout and other obstacles can take on healthcare professionals. After overcoming burnout herself, Sabrina took a career pivot, leveraging public speaking to share her true mission.

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