Is Anyone Listening to Podcasts on YouTube?

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Over the past year, YouTube made a concentrated effort to court some of the biggest podcast networks and bring their programming over to the platform.

Among its new podcast partners are NPR and Slate, which formally announced their engagement with the video service, and the New York Times, which launched its audio channel in February with little fanfare. Notably for YouTube, all three make up some of the biggest podcast networks in the US. By unique audience size, NPR is number three on Podtrac’s top podcast publisher ranking for April. That month, its 49 active shows generated more than 168 million global downloads. The New York Times came in at number four. With only 12 shows, it managed to rack up over 111 million downloads. Slate doesn’t participate in the tracker but said it had accumulated 190 million downloads last year, a sizable number, albeit not on the same scale as the Times and NPR.

But despite their impressive reach elsewhere, these networks’ podcasts aren’t doing so well on YouTube. Slate’s shows averaged around 75 views per video over the past week while NPR was around 179. The New York Times performed slightly better, especially The Daily. But that show, one of the biggest in the world, still only received around 1,000 views on average over the past week. (The monthly numbers for these networks don’t look much better.)

For all the hype around encouraging podcasters to put their episodes on YouTube, the networks don’t have much to show for the effort just yet. When reached for comment, a YouTube spokesperson pointed out that YouTube is the second most frequently used service for weekly podcast listeners in the US, according to an Edison Research report. Read More

Article originally written by Ashley Carman and published on Bloomberg

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