Meta Launches Threads, Provides Insights into Coming Elements

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When you’re just getting started on TikTok, it can be tempting to buy new followers to quickly see your TikTok account grow. We get it. But how to get TikTok followers without paying a dime? That is the question! Lucky for you, we spill all the deets here.

And it looks good. The layout of Threads is clean and simple, with all of the basic functionality of the Twitter feed.

Meta has logically sought to replicate the Twitter experience in the new app. And earlier today, some users were able to gain early access to the in-app experience - which enabled me to dig around some of the new app’s features.

Here’s what I found:

First off, in terms of functionality - Threads posts can be up to 500 characters long, and can include links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length. Read More

Article orginally written by Andrew Hutchinson and published on Social Media Today.

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The video podcast landscape is both intimidating and inspiring.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with the gear, tech, and path that’s right for your podcast while also seeing so much possibility on the horizon. YouTube Podcasts, reels, stories, shorts, TikTok … these days it seems like all podcasters HAVE to add a visual element to their podcast.

Do audio podcasters have to become video podcasters? Do video podcasters need audio-only podcasts? This article doesn’t dive into how-to-start a podcast, but zeroes in on two common paths to video podcast creation.

Cumulus Media And Signal Hill Insights’ Podcast Download — Fall 2022 Report stated that nearly a third of the podcast audience prefers to “actively watch” a podcast with a video component. While this data represents the listener’s preference and not actual behavior, it does illustrate that not all podcast audiences want an audio-centric listening experience. Read More

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