Podcast Consumers Follow Hosts on Social Media

Podcast consumers connect with their favorite hosts on social platforms

Podcast consumers are looking to connect with their favorite hosts and shows on social media. Half of weekly podcasts consumers follow their favorite podcast hosts on one of the social platforms.

Breaking down platforms specifically, 57% of those who follow their favorite hosts on social do so on Instagram, up from the Spring 2023 survey where Instagram was third at 52%. YouTube (52%), Facebook (48%), and Twitter/X (32%) follow. TikTok has grown from 24% last wave to 29% in the Fall 2023 survey.

Younger 18-34 podcast consumers are more likely to follow their favorite hosts on social media

Compared to 35-49 and 50+ podcast consumers, 18-45 podcast consumers are more engaged socially with podcast hosts. 68% of podcast consumers 18-34 follow their favorite hosts on social media. 55% of 35-49s follow favorite hosts on social. 40% of those 50+ follow favorite podcast hosts on social. Read More

Article originally written by Lauren Vetrano and published on Westwood One.

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Community Hot Take

My podcast producer recently turned me onto a show called Acquired, which features its co-hosts, Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal, diving deep into the backstories of well-known brands and companies, from Porsche and Nike, to Amazon and Nintendo.

It turns out I was late to this party. In the eight years since Acquired was originally launched, it has grown into a huge hit. The show now serves more than 200,000 downloads per episode. As Rosenthal revealed in a Fast Company profile last summer, they now face the problem of their audience becoming too large for their advertisers to afford paying the full fair market price for their spots. Read More

Article originally written by Ben Gilbert and published on Cal Newport.

Before attending Podfest Multimedia Expo recently, my focus was almost exclusively on the power of smaller events, an important trend for 2024.

However, the 10th-anniversary edition of Podfest, one of the world's three biggest podcasting events, proved that large national and international industry conferences should not be written off. Read More

Article originally written by Ross Brand and published on LinkedIn

It's fair to say that video content in podcasting is having a moment. An increasing number of podcasts are making an effort to record video content and upload it to YouTube.

Spotify also recently crossed more than 100,000 video podcasts.

YouTube graduated their new RSS ingest support out of beta earlier this month and shows added to YouTube are also available in YouTube Music, no doubt boosting its appeal as possibly the most satisfying platform for podcast consumption. Read More

Article originally published on Rephonic.

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