Podcast Guesting Is A Killer Marketing Strategy For 2023

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Be A Guest

Congratulations! You’ve been invited to be a guest on a podcast – now what?

Podcasting is really just a digital form of storytelling and, as I’ve discussed in previous articles, storytelling is one of the most effective ways to engage with an audience. It’s never been more important than in today’s world, with short attention spans and the huge audience potential. In fact, almost 60% of all US consumers listen to podcasts. Just consider the ROI!

My previous article shared tips from podcast experts Marla Isackson, Beth Silver Pilchik and Susan Salenger on how to land a spot on a podcast. Once you secure an invitation, you have to prepare to be the most effective storyteller you can be; remember, one good conversation can lead to many more invitations in the future.

Podcasts should never be improvised, advises Silver Pilchik. Preparation is key. Read More

Artical originally written by Jane Hanson and published on Forbes.

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Community Hot Take

PodPros, the creators of popular podcasting software like PodMatch.com, matching guests and hosts for interviews, and PodcastSOP.com, a project management software for podcast hosts, has announced the release of their 3rd software solution, PodLottery.com. PodLottery is a daily lottery-style drawing that gives podcast hosts a way to win integrity-based Apple reviews for their podcasts.

The podcasting-specific software company, PodPros, has announced the launch of their latest software for podcasters, PodLottery. The completely-free, PodLottery enables podcast hosts to win integrity-based Apple reviews for their podcasts from other podcasters, in a fun daily lottery-style drawing. This software is the first and only of its kind in the podcasting industry. The PodPros team has a goal to have 6,000 active podcasters using the software, ultimately helping them win thousands of reviews for their shows.

Sanfilippo shared the following when asked why he created PodLottery,

“Most podcasters have few, or even no, Apple reviews on their podcast because it’s tough to convince people to take the time to help, but it’s beyond important! The reason Apple reviews matter so much is the perceived value from guests, sponsors, and listeners. The number of Apple reviews is oftentimes metric an outsider can use to gauge the success of a podcast. The other thing that reviews help with is fueling the host’s motivation to continue producing episodes. A 5-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts is the most motivating and encouraging gift a host can receive from their listeners. The more reviews a show receives, the more likely it is to continue. We created PodLottery to solve this problem.” Read More

One Stone Creative

Running a podcast for your business is different than running one as a passion project, or even as a business in and of itself. Your show needs to have a business purpose, and it needs to be consistently. delivering on that purpose. We look at what the most popular business shows do to get an understanding of the way the industry is moving, and what brands and companies should be considering as the plan and run their shows.

Find out...

  • Why you should be integrating video into your strategy – even with an audio only show…

  • How much editing your podcast needs to fit in with the top 100…

  • How a podcast should be integrated into your website, and what you should be including there….

  • What best practice for ads, art and sponsorship looks like….

  • How much of your promotional energy should go to social media…

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Podcast Career Opportunities

🎤 🎧  The Wise Traditions podcast is for those who seek optimal health, based on ancient wisdom. We believe that vibrant health cannot be cultivated in a lab, engineered through modern technology or found through “improving” nature. On the contrary, “life in all its fullness is mother nature obeyed,” as Dr. Price put it. We thrive when we live as our ancestors did, and we can look to the past for clues on how to go about it.

This show, sponsored by the Weston A. Price Foundation, is an invitation to follow ancient health ways and to embrace alternative healing modalities to live our best lives. Our host, Hilda Labrada Gore, known as Holistic Hilda, interviews experts on a wide variety of topics—ranging from nutrient-dense foods to improving mental health to homesteading to detoxing to healing emotional trauma to the power of sunshine and mitigating EMFs. Every episode offers the listener a new (ancient) way to heal, grow, and live a happy life, brimming with vitality.

🎤 🎧   On Optimal Living Daily, Justin Malik reads you the best content on personal development, minimalism, productivity, and more, with author permission. Think of Optimal Living Daily as an audioblog or blogcast where the best blogs are narrated for you.

🎤 🎧   The Jody Maberry Show is dedicated to helping you Market, Mobilize, and Master your message.

Jody draws from his experience in marketing, leadership, small business, and even as a park ranger to help you understand how to market your unique message. Successful entrepreneurs and experts, like Mike Kim, Lee Cockerell, and Jeff Brown, join the show to offer advice on how to master your message.

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