Podcast Intro: How to Hook Your Listeners

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There are around 30 million podcast episodes out there so making sure your podcast hooks your listeners is more important than ever. Having engaging content throughout each show is essential.

In this article, Riverside will explain how to hook listeners with your podcast intro and share some great examples of podcast introductions to inspire yours.

How Important Is A Good Podcast Intro?

Studies have shown that podcasts lose between 20 to 35 percent of listeners in the first five minutes, which is much higher than the dropoff rate for the entire rest of the episode. The importance of having a good podcast intro is in the evidence: if you’re not hooking your listeners in the first five minutes, they’re not going to continue listening. Read More

Article originally published on Riverside.

Community Hot Take

I was in Athens earlier this year. Once I arrived I wasn’t sure entirely why I was there. Ostensibly I was meant to be covering an assassination that had happened two years previously, but quickly I was told that there was a reason this story hadn’t been covered. It’s the only time I have been explicitly told not to cover a story for my safety and actually taken that advice.

So, for the next couple of months I walked around the city, hung out with great journalists and ate a crazy amount of feta. But I was also shaken by the encroaching world of AI and was slightly panicked with where media was going. I hunkered down in my Airbnb and started talking to ChatGPT - the world’s new best friend. Read More

Article originally written by Paul McNally.

In the global digital age, culture is constantly growing, morphing, and being redefined. It never stays the same—and anyone, anywhere, can influence its course. So what does that mean for advertisers?

For this fifth iteration of Culture Next—Spotify’s annual Gen Z trend report—we reexamined the habits, behaviors and opinions of Zs and their millennial counterparts who drive culture on Spotify. For brands with ambitions to join them—and remain culturally relevant amidst constant change—consider this your guide. Read More

Get Tickets for Your City!

According to The Podcast Host, 40% of podcast listeners search for a podcast directly on their listening apps. And among them, 58% type the topic into their app’s search bar, and choose from the results. This highlights the significant role that search plays in helping people discover podcasts. Ausha, the leading podcast marketing platform, is pleased to introduce a groundbreaking solution: the PSO Control Panel.

Choosing the right keywords for your podcast's metadata is crucial.

While website creators have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) down to a science, the world of podcasting, even with similar search bar logic, hasn’t been explored as much when it comes to optimization. Read More

Podcast Career Opportunities

 🎤 🎧 Welcome to the Freelance Writing Direct podcast. Join Estelle Erasmus every week as she shares short, sound bite-filled podcasts, covering everything that the creative writer, freelance writer, and author needs to know to move forward in their creativity and career.

Estelle will share how the sauce is made, with tips and tricks to give you a leg up in the marketplace. The podcast will also feature interviews with authors and writers who are generous with their own advice.

 🎤 🎧 The Confessions of a Reluctant Caregiver podcast offers a candid, unfiltered space to confess the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a caregiver through storytelling, guest interviews, and information sharing. JJ, Natalie, and Emilie are a trio of sisters supporting their mom living with Parkinson's and a husband who survived cancer.

Along with their guests, they discuss their shared experiences in caregiving. Viewers and listeners alike will relate to our reluctance, be affirmed in their ability to be caregivers and gain the courage to confidently step out of the shadows to express their own needs.

🎤 🎧 By sharing tips, resources, and actionable guidance for women weekly, host Virginia Elder wants you to challenge your mindset and expand your perspective on the intersection of money, motherhood, and entrepreneurship.

Her journey toward debt freedom bloomed into a never-ending drive toward financial education, mindset work, and self-improvement. On Reaching Abundance, she discusses consistency, intention, positive parenting, true self-care, budgeting, debt-freedom strategies, personal finance lessons, and encouragement toward simplicity for this busy mom life.

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