Wow! Podcast Reach is now Equal to TV!

Last week, Edison Research released their annual Infinite Dial study and here at Podfest, we want to share it with you!

When Edison Research started the Infinite Dial Study in 1998, the goal was to understand how Americans use emerging forms of audio and new media.

In the first 1998 study, a tiny number of consumers had ever tried audio streaming over a dial-up connection. 26 years later, the Infinite Dial is the longest-running study of consumer digital audio use.  

The results of Edison Research’s 2024 Infinite Dial study contain some compelling insights for marketers and media agencies: 

Takeaways for podcasters:

  • No longer is podcasting a niche platform lacking scale: Podcasting deserves a larger role in media plans as opposed to “test and learn” experimental buys. 135 million Americans, 47% of persons 12+, are reached monthly. Among demographics such as persons 18-34, 18-49, and 25-54, monthly reach is in the low 60% range.

  • It is feasible to consider shifting TV budgets to podcasting given that podcast 18-34 reach performance is as big as TV.

  • Brands targeting women should give podcasts a starring role in media plans: Female podcast audiences have hit record highs in habituation and reach.

  • Adopt agency media legend Arnie Semsky’s “5% solution” to podcasts: Allocate 5% of digital ad budgets to podcasts.

Among 18-34s, podcast reach is now as big as TV! Read More

Community Hot Take

What really makes someone a successful podcaster? Is it a certain number of episodes, downloads, or reviews? Is it whether content creation has become their full-time job? Or could it be because they’ve been recognised with a prestigious award?

In truth, we can gauge success in many ways, but ultimately, there’s no certificate and a great degree of subjectivity. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that the best way to get to a position where you or your audience consider your podcast a success is to create quality content, consistently, over a prolonged period of time. Read More

Year over year, podcasting continues to disrupt the digital audio landscape as the most powerful and preferred medium. And for advertisers who have already dipped their toe into the podcast pool, the #1 question we hear is, “What comes next?”. Check out these step-by-step videos to discover everything you need to know from audience targeting to custom ad formats:

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For the marketer that wants to create a strategic podcast campaign, you’ve come to the right place. Watch Here

An estimated 505 million people will listen to podcasts in 2024, the most in the medium’s short history. Since the term podcast was coined in 2004, the format has grown into a $25 billion industry. But the industry's expansion has also come with major growing pains. Watch Here

What is an Actively Established Podcaster? An Actively Established Podcast is defined as an interview-based podcast with at least 100 episodes and a release cadence of 10 days or less that’s run by a host who isn’t a celebrity, or part of a major media network.

Podcasting Industry Totals

There are 3,003,748 total podcasts, but only 403,589 are active.

💡 Fact: There has been no increase in the # of active podcasts since July 2020. (There are 309k fewer podcasts active now than in 2020!) Read More

Podcast Career Opportunities

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