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Podcast Schedule: How To Keep Your Show Consistent & Get Better Results

Imagine that you find a TV show you love. You look forward to every episode with excitement. One day, it gets taken off Netflix mid-season with no explanation. Infuriating, right?

It’s the same with podcasts. Listeners nowadays often develop a loyal following with good shows and expect to see new episodes regularly. The most popular podcasts tend to have the biggest, most consistent catalogs of episodes. This makes intuitive sense: an inconsistent podcast schedule will draw negative reviews and deter new listeners.

The solution is simple! You need to establish a consistent podcast schedule. You’re in the right place: in this article, you’ll learn how to create a schedule you can keep, automate, and scale. Just build it and the listeners will come! Read More

Article originally written by Zoe Devitto and published on CoSchedule.

Community Hot Take

Taylor Swift. Whether you’re a “Swifty” or not, you must admit she is a master in marketing and branding. Taylor Swift has created one of the world’s most renowned brands and has amassed an incredibly loyal following. But what can podcasters stand to learn from this pop-culture icon? This blog post explores the top 10 Swift-inspired podcast marketing tips podcasters can use to help market and grow their show. 

Fearlessly Promote Your Podcast

If you’re looking to grow, you need something to market it in addition to making great Content. 

Our top podcast marketing tip from Ms. Swift is to fearlessly promote your podcast! Getting your podcast active on social media is one of the easiest ways to grow its reach. Social media, especially video platforms like TikTok, is one of the top ways listeners report finding and engaging with their favorite podcasts. Read More

Article originally written by Elissa Craig and published on Headliner.

Ever wonder if your podcast title could land you in legal hot water? In this episode of The Podcast Lawyer™, Gordon Firemark dives into the world of trademarks to help you protect your brand and avoid costly pitfalls. Learn how to choose a trademarkable podcast title, conduct a trademark search, register your title, and handle potential infringement issues. Watch Here

Image: Udio

Podcasters often face challenges with the music they use in their episodes due to copyright restrictions. Using royalty-free music has been a common solution, yet finding high-quality tracks that align with a podcast's theme can still be a hurdle. Enter AI-generated music, which presents a transformative solution. This technology allows creators to tailor music specifically to their podcast's tone and theme without the risk of copyright infringement.

AI can produce unique compositions that enhance the auditory experience of a podcast while ensuring that all music is original and free from legal complications. This innovation not only elevates the quality of podcast production but also empowers podcasters to craft a completely customized auditory identity. Read More

Image: SocialMediaToday

YouTube’s making it easier to promote your videos, with a new, simplified ad campaign set-up option available within YouTube Studio itself, as opposed to the more advanced ad setup via Google Ads.

As you can see in this example, in the Promotions tab in YouTube Studio, you can now launch a campaign to boost the reach of any of your uploaded clips, via simplified set-up and targeting options. Read More

Article originally written by Andrew Hutchinson and published on SocialMediaToday.

Podcast Career Opportunities

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She discusses consistency, intention, positive parenting, true self-care, budgeting, debt-freedom strategies, personal finance lessons, and encouragement toward simplicity for this busy mom life. Collectively edge toward the abundant life of your dreams right alongside her.

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