Podcast SEO 101: How to Rank Higher

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40% of podcast listeners use an in-app search bar to discover new podcasts. The trend is clear: if you want more reach, you need to optimize your podcast for search.

One way to get there is with podcast SEO. Think of it as invisible levers you can pull to boost your ranking and drive more traffic to your podcast.

In this post, we'll cover how to optimize your podcast for Spotify, YouTube, and search — plus uncover how to find great topics for your next episode.

Front-load key information in your episode description.

Writing an episode description is another way to optimize your podcast, but many skip it. This space offers keyword opportunities, meaning you can rank individual episodes in search.

Spotify recommends using the first 20 words of your description to hook new listeners. Don't repeat information in your episode title or general podcast description. Instead, jump right into the episode's topic or guest. Read More

Article originally written by Erin Rodrigue and published on HubSpot.

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