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Podcast SEO vs. Website SEO: How to Increase Visibility on Apps and Search Engines

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As any marketer knows, the SEO game has changed a lot – and fast. 

10 years ago marketers were more focused on mobile functionality and link building, and providing valuable content and authoritative links were distinctive markers of success.

Now, it’s a lot more complicated. 

We’re factoring in AI and RankBrain, considering user intent and semantic search, and competing with more content than ever before. Blog content seems to double by the minute (literally, there are 7 million blog posts published a day).

Needless to say, the challenge of setting your podcast apart from the noise can be daunting. Especially because, unlike traditional web content, optimizing a podcast may seem elusive – and that’s not a coincidence. Read More

Article originally written by Tianna Marinucci and published on CoHost.

Community Hot Take

There’s a lot to celebrate this year with podcasts. In 2023, more than 300 million listeners discovered their new favorite podcasts, and they were engaged, responding to more than 14 million creator polls. Of the shows receiving a podcaster Wrapped this year, over one-third were created in 2023, with more than 760 million minutes recorded overall. 

At Spotify, we’ve also been busy: doubling down on giving creators more data and better tools. We’ve increased our focus on creator education throughout the year so more podcasters understand ways to grow their show and be successful. “With Spotify for Podcasters programs like Masterclass and the release of our recent Fan Study report,” explains Anna, “our goal is to help creators learn from their peers and develop strong bonds within the podcasting community.” Read More

Whether you’re an avid listener or not, odds are you’ve probably come across a podcast at some point in your life – along with 183 million other Americans, according to a recent Nielsen report. Podcasts are only becoming more popular, but for people with disabilities, some of these podcasts are completely inaccessible. 

I’ve been hosting my own show called What’s Your Excuse since 2016 while also working with and advising many other podcast hosts. The one thing we all think about, dream about, and obsess over is how to grow our audience. I’ve picked up a few pointers along the way, and a great place to start is by making a sincere effort to build an inclusive podcast – therefore growing your audience and driving loyalty. Read More

It’s that time of the year again – the air is filled with festive cheer, and what better way to spread the joy than with thoughtful gifts for the podcaster in your life? (Or yourself – we won’t judge!) 

We’ve curated a holiday gift guide that’s sure to make their eyes light up brighter than Rudolph’s nose. From shiny new hardware to software that’ll have them producing award-worthy content, here’s the lowdown on the perfect presents for the podcast enthusiast in 2023. Read More

Article originally written by Roni Gosch and published on Podbean.

Get Tickets for Your City!

Podcast Career Opportunities

 🎤 🎧 The Shit No One Tells You About Writing is a podcast for emerging writers who want to improve the quality of their work and learn more about the publishing industry. Your one host, Bianca Marais (the bestselling author of 'The Witches of Moonshyne Manor') interviews authors, agents, editors and just about anyone and everyone who's involved in bringing a book to market.

Bianca, joined by her cohosts, literary agents Carly Watters and CeCe Lyra from P.S. Literary Agency, who read and critique query letters as well as opening pages in their Books with Hooks segment. Expect good advice, honest insights, and a few laughs along the way.

 🎤 🎧 Work a cold case alongside investigator Sheryl “Mac” McCollum, Director of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute. Every week, Sheryl dives into her cold case files alongside accomplished guests to look for clues into unsolved murders, missing people, and more. This ain’t just a podcast but a war room. Sheryl opens her cold case files, her heart and her little black book! You will quickly realize Zone 7 is not a place but a lifestyle!

🎤 🎧 Being hailed as “Sex and the City for Food,” The Food Heals Podcast brings together experts in the fields of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to teach you the best-kept natural secrets to being a hotter, healthier, happier YOU!

The Food Heals Podcast is hosted by Allison Melody, author of the book, Food Heals: Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Stories to Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Health.

🎤 🎧 Dive into the world of artificial intelligence with Leveraging AI, a podcast tailored for forward-thinking business professionals. Each episode brings insightful discussions on how AI can ethically transform business practices, offering practical solutions to today's challenges. 

Join host Isar Meitis (4 time CEO), and expert guests as they turn AI's complexities into actionable insights, and explore its ethical implications in the business world. Whether you are an AI novice or a seasoned professional, 'Leveraging AI' equips you with the knowledge and tools to harness AI's power responsibly and effectively.

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