Spotify to Clone Podcasters’ Voices

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Image: Nick Barcly/The Verge

What if podcasters could flip a switch and instantly speak another language? That’s the premise behind Spotify’s new AI-powered voice translation feature, which reproduces podcasts in other languages using the podcaster’s own voice.

The company has partnered with a handful of podcasters to translate their English-language episodes into Spanish with its new tool, and it has plans to roll out French and German translations in the coming weeks. The initial batch of episodes will come from some big names, including Dax Shepard, Monica Padman, Lex Fridman, Bill Simmons, and Steven Bartlett. Spotify plans to expand the group to include The Rewatchables from The Ringer and its upcoming show from Trevor Noah.

The backbone of the translation feature is OpenAI’s voice transcription tool Whisper, which can both transcribe English speech and translate other languages into English. But Spotify’s tool goes beyond speech-to-text translation — the feature will translate a podcast into a different language and reproduce it in a synthesized version of the podcasters’ own voice. Read More

Article originally written by Amrita Khalid and published on The Verge.

Community Hot Take

After a six-year run, Google Podcasts will be shutting down next year. Instead, the internet company plans to double down on making YouTube Music the preferred destination for podcasters and listeners.

YouTube announced that in 2024, it will be “increasing our investment in the podcast experience on YouTube Music.” As part of that, later in the year, “we’ll be discontinuing Google Podcasts,” which was first launched in 2018, the company said in a blog post. Read More.

Article originally written by Todd Spangler and published on Variety.

Podcasters, streamers, and content creators: take notice. Shure is updating one of its most successful microphones, the ubiquitous SM7b, to make your work easier than ever. The new active dynamic SM7dB takes all the smooth, polished, flat, and wide frequency response of the original and adds a built-in preamp for a more robust output level, eliminating the need for an inline preamp.

The new preamp, built with technology licensed from Cloud, celebrated for its Cloudlifter preamp products, has been tuned by Shure’s engineers specifically for the SM7dB to ensure the iconic SM7 sound remains intact while making it easier to get big, rich-sounding vocal recordings in podcasting, streaming, and studio recording applications. Watch Here.

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