The Art of Interviewing: How to Conduct a Good Interview

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How to Conduct an Interview

To learn more about the art of conducting a great interview, Sidekick spoke with legendary journalist, author, and contributor to the New Yorker, Ken Auletta; Spotify podcast host and storyteller, Lea Palmieri; and former CNN executive editor of international features and current editor of Spotify-owned channels, Neil Curry.

Before you begin an interview, nail down why you’re talking to the person and what the purpose of the interview is. Meaning: What do you want to get out of the conversation?

Once you’ve figured that out, do your research, author of Hollywood Ending Ken Auletta told Sidekick. "Research the subject’s online profiles, read up on any previous interviews they’ve given, and figure out what questions they’ve already answered. Talk to their colleagues and critics to get a wider understanding of who you’ll be interviewing."

Neil Curry and Leah Palmieri shared similar advice with Sidekick. Curry relies on research to help him come up with new angles on old stories that might unearth new information. Palmieri studies the subject’s Instagram and Twitter posts to get an idea of what’s on the interviewee’s mind, which helps her figure out how to kick off the conversation.

Curry and Auletta both agreed that the key to a good interview is to make it feel conversational and approachable. In Auletta’s experience, the best interviews start with simple questions before diving into more complicated subjects. Read More

Artical originally written by Sabrina Sanchez and published on Morning Brew.

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Community Hot Take
Branded Podcast

Pacific Content

When done right, a brand can harness the power of audio to win over an audience. Specifically, the audience they designed the podcast for.

So, what does a branded podcast sound like, anyway?

Pacific Content has been making podcasts with brands since 2015. The very first was the Slack Variety Pack, which Fast Company described as “‘This American Life’ Meets ‘Office Space’ Meets ‘Monty Python.’”

What a great headline! Though the best way to understand the sound is to listen. Here’s a hint: the best podcasts by brands are not commercials. They are engaging and immersive audio experiences that audiences choose to listen to. Read More

Article originally written by Marina Hanna and published on Pacific Content.

Podcast Budget

There are few things more frustrating than having to put your podcast on hiatus just as things are getting good because your podcast budget implodes. So even though budgeting may be boring, it’s worth planning in advance.

In this article, we walk you through the basics of figuring out your podcast budget. Whether you’re running your podcast from a fully-equipped recording studio or your phone in your living room, our tips will help you set a budget that works for you.

If you have an established podcast, don’t leave just yet! Budgets aren’t static so you should regularly re-evaluate them. This article will help you to figure out your podcast budget for the coming year. Read More

Article originally published on Castos.

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