The Best AI Tools for Podcast Show Notes, Reviewed by Descript

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Show Notes

Every creative task comes with a certain amount of gruntwork. Painters need to prep their canvases, poets need to consult their thesauruses, musicians have to pretend they didn’t hear the crowd say “Wagon Wheel.” Podcasting is no different: once you’ve crafted the perfect narrative and placed the music beds just-so, it’s time to — ugh — write the show notes.

This is a really important part of the process, since it gives listeners a way to find you when they hit “search.” But it’s not that fun in my opinion, and to be honest, most podcasters aren’t that good at it. That’s what makes it the perfect task for AI.

There are a lot of AI tools for podcast show notes (more than 10, by my count), and it’s hard to know how they’re different without taking the time to test each one. So that’s what I did. I took an old podcast episode and ran it through the seven AI tools I’d heard the most about to see how each one fares — and which ones are worth spending money on. Read More

Article originally written by Ashley Hamer and published on Descript.

Community Hot Take
Blog vs Podcast


Blogs and podcasts are both powerhouse marketing tools. But when comparing blog vs. podcast, which is the better bet for your business?

Podcasts and blogs have the power to nurture customer relationships and deepen brand loyalty. Both highlight authority and expertise. And both forms of content can boost traffic and generate leads.

Each format has benefits and drawbacks, and before launch, you'll want to know which will offer your business the best ROI.

Let’s take a closer look at blogs and podcasts for content marketing and which is the best for your business. Keep reading, or jump ahead to the section you're searching for: Read More

Article originally written by Jana Rumberger and published on HubSpot


Looking for ways to boost your LinkedIn reach, and maximize your content performance in the app?

Amid the shifting landscape at Twitter, many professional social media users are looking for an alternative outlet, and LinkedIn, which continues to break records for in-stream engagement, has proven to be a valuable alternative for some communities.

And with thousands more people still signing up to the platform every day (LinkedIn has added 80 million new members in the last year), there’s big potential to reach a wide audience, and align yourself, or your business, with niche conversations and topics.

This infographic could help. Building on research conducted by LinkedIn expert Richard van der Blom last year, the Creativity and Innovation Network has published some new findings on key LinkedIn algorithm recommendations, based on analysis of 2,000 posts published in the app between February in March this year. Read More

Article originally published on Social Media Today

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