The Best Podcast Equipment For Any Budget

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Looking for suggestions for the best podcast equipment? Whether you’re a new podcaster looking for setup inspiration or a seasoned host looking to upgrade your studio, you’ll find great recommendations below.

I recently saw a podcasting Facebook group debate the main reasons aspiring hosts never take the leap. One of the main fears? Feeling uneducated about what podcast equipment to use and which podcast setup is best.

Starting a new project with little knowledge about the necessary tools and software is daunting. There’s new jargon, high prices, and a nagging feeling that there might be something better out there if you just keep researching.

Well, I’m here to save you hours of guesswork. This is a no B.S. guide to the best podcasting equipment for any budget based on my 10 years of podcasting and my experience with countless tools. Our guide is broken out into starter kits with the nine essential tools every beginner needs. Then we put together equipment packages that range from $20-$500 from our top recommendations.

While you can technically get started by recording an episode with your iPhone, we don’t recommend it. Instead, publish more professional sounding episodes with a few more tools. Read More

Article originally published on Castos.

Community Hot Take

Podcasts are amazing! Together with audiobooks they offer you the world knowledge to listen to and enjoy anytime, anywhere. Podcasts are also perfect for kids and young learners. They can keep them engaged for hours on end.

There are tons of kids-focused podcasts out there, so I rounded up some of the best ones to try out. I know it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right podcast for your kids, but don’t worry! Some of the options listed in this collection will definitely be right up your alley! To learn more about how to use podcasts with your kids and students, check out Podcasting in Education: Teacher’s Guide.

1. But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

But Why is a popular podcast that educates and entertains kids by sharing answers to their questions. Earlier episodes covered questions such as Why do bison run fast but walk slowly? How do boats float? Who invented emoji? How did dinosaurs leave tracks? How is cheese made? Why do sharks have so many teeth? How do popcorn kernels pop? and many more. Read More

Article originally written by Med Kharback, PhD and published on Educators Technology.

A podcast trailer (sometimes called a "teaser") is a short, promotional episode meant to quickly give potential listeners a preview of your show, and what they can expect.

Trailer episodes are typically short (30 seconds - 5 minutes long), and often include clips from upcoming episodes. In many listening apps (like Apple Podcasts and Spotify) they are highlighted on your podcast's profile page.

Here are three reasons to publish a trailer as early as possible:

  1. You need at least one episode published in your feed. A trailer is a perfect "coming soon" episode.

  2. It can take 8+ days for Apple to manually review your podcast submission. If you publish a trailer to your feed right away, you'll be able to submit your podcast to Apple well in advance of your first official episode.

  3. Once you've submitted your podcast to Apple, Spotify, etc, you can start building anticipation for your podcast's official launch.

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Podcast Career Opportunities

Sarah St John interviews and has candid conversations on Lesbi-Honest with other women who realized they were queer (and/or are coming out) after they were 30 years old. Topics include repression, suppression, denial, heteronormativity, societal pressure, religious trauma, family backgrounds, and more.

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