The Four Podcast Stories That Will Shape 2024

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Many of those big-money, multiyear deals announced in 2020 and 2021 are coming up for renewal in 2024. Companies spent tens of millions of dollars (or, in Joe Rogan’s case, hundreds of millions of dollars) to snatch up top podcasting talent. Now, they have to decide: was it worth it, and will it be worth it to play that game again?

As media companies become more austere in their spending, it is easy to assume that we won’t see these minimum guarantee deals again. But celebrity chat shows, for better or worse, have endured. Rogan is still untouchable, SmartLess is bigger than ever, and Apple just named Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ podcast Show of the Year. One agent told me that despite the doom and gloom of the industry, their clients have had a growth year. These hosts have audiences, and audio companies are going to have to pay up to keep them. 

That is not to say everyone will get a renewal or that a renewal will mean the same kind of deal as before. Arrangements in which the minimum guarantee is smaller but the revenue potential is higher (like with Trevor Noah’s Spotify deal) could become more common. Read More

Article originally written by Ariel Shapiro and published on The Verge

Community Hot Take

It's no secret that podcasting and video content are powerful tools to elevate your business.

And with Artificial Intelligence AI stepping into the scene, the game is changing quickly.

Let me share some personal insights into the potential that AI is ushering in for the future of podcasts.

AI technology is poised to be a game-changer, offering innovative solutions to help you save time and resources while enhancing the quality and reach of your content.

I will avoid mentioning AI brands you can use for all the points in this episode for marketing reasons. Read More

In this clip, Sean Cannell of Think Media chats with David Shands from Social Proof The Ultimate Podcast Growth Strategy Revealed! Check it out!

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to upgrade your podcast recording setup, gathering all the requisite gear can seem daunting. After all, a good pair of studio headphones and a top-notch microphone can set you back a hefty chunk of change. The sheer variety of options doesn't help matters, either. 

Thankfully, you don't need to spend a fortune to seriously upgrade the quality of your recordings (although you certainly can). Here, we've gathered some of our favorite options for home recording studios across a range of budgets. Whatever mic you choose will help you record crisp, broadcast-style vocals, and all of the headphones can reproduce audio accurately without leaking sound. Beyond mics and headphones, we also include some accessories, such as desktop mic arms, cables, mixing stations, and audio interfaces to help you achieve the most professional podcast setup possible. Read More

Artical originally written by Tim Gideon and published on PC Mag

Triton Digital's Podcast Rankers list the Top Podcasts in a particular country or region, as measured by Triton's Podcast Metrics measurement service.

Yet again, SiriusXM Podcast Network remained in the #1 spot on the Top Sales Networks Report for the month of November, with 43.7M Average Weekly Downloads and 13.2M Average Weekly Users. Wondery came in again at #2 with 27.1M Average Weekly Downloads and 7.5M Average Weekly Users, followed by Audacy Podcast Network at #3 with 18.9M Average Weekly Downloads and 6.0M Average Weekly Users.

For this reporting period, the top three podcasts based on downloads included Dateline NBC (NBCUniversal News Group) again at #1, Crime Junkie (audiochuck) again at #2, and Morbid (Wondery) again at #3. Read More

Article originally published on Triton Digital

Podcast Career Opportunities

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