Twitter Starts Sharing Ad Revenue with Verified Creators

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Twitter is now paying creators for a share of the ad revenue earned from ads served in the replies to their posts.

Users who subscribe to Twitter Blue and have earned more than 5 million tweet impressions each month for the last 3 months are eligible to join. According to owner Elon Musk, the first round of creator payouts will total $5 million, and will be cumulative from the month of February onward. These payouts will be delivered via Stripe.

From what some large creators are sharing on Twitter, these payouts are substantial. Writer Brian Krassenstein, who has about 750,000 followers, claims that Twitter paid him $24,305.

SK, a creator with about 230,000 followers, claims to have earned $2,236 from Twitter; political commentator Benny Johnson, with 1.7 million followers, says he earned $9,546. Read More

Article originally written by Amanda Silberling and published on TechCrunch.

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Spotify is one of the largest podcast listening platforms with more than 5 million shows. It’s a household name in audio entertainment, so your show needs to be on Spotify.

In order to be successful on Spotify, it’s smart to take a few steps to promote your show on the platform. In this article, we offer seven simple steps to promote a podcast on Spotify.

The first step to promote your podcast on Spotify is to submit your RSS link to Spotify’s platform. Fortunately, this is pretty simple. Read More

Article originally published on Castos.

Believe it or not, with the launch of iOS 17, episode artwork is even MORE important!

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