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Understanding Listener Churn: 5 Ways to Reduce Branded Podcast Drop-off Rates

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It's a thrilling moment when you see the numbers climb – your branded podcast is resonating, growing, and the community you envisioned is starting to thrive.

But then, something changes. Month after month, you notice a troubling pattern; those numbers aren't just plateauing, they're starting to dwindle.

Episode over episode, listeners are dropping off, and that excitement gives way to frustration and anxiety.

You've poured your creativity and strategic thinking into this project, believing in the power of this medium to connect with audiences.

Now, the excitement of each analytics update has been replaced with nerve-wracking anticipation.

How do you explain this to your team? What will you tell leadership? Read More

Article originally written by Tianna Marinucci and published on CoHost.

Community Hot Take

In this video, Coffeezilla delves deeper into the alleged fraudulent activities of Kast Media and its head, Colin Thomson.

Several prominent podcasters, including Theo Von, Brendan Schaub, Whitney Cummings, and Jim Cornette, claim they were defrauded by the company. The investigation reveals that Kast Media, acting as an intermediary between podcasters and sponsors, consistently delayed payments to its talent.

The situation escalated when CEO Colin Thomson warned of potential bankruptcy and proposed a deal with another podcast network, Podcast One. You can watch the entire video here.

Which SEO techniques have you utilized to help listeners find your podcast in the first part of 2023? Want to see if you’ve been keeping up with the latest SEO trends?

The team from SMB Services share their key SEO trends from 2023 in this infographic. Read More

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Podcast Career Opportunities

 🎤 🎧 A HUGE Congratulations goes out to Brad Walsh of Empowerography Podcast for reaching their 500th episode! Yet another rare and amazing accomplishment for an excellent show!!

Empowerography is a platform that believes in amplifying the voices of women and empowering their platforms to share messages of inspiration and community. We are empowering women ONE show at a time.

 🎤 🎧 Define, challenge and conquer the BIGGEST issues facing you as an early stage entrepreneur or founder. With powerful episodes from the world's finest business experts, each episode challenges one specific issue and provides detailed, actionable takeaways that you can implement immediately within your business.

This isn't just another interview podcast, Build a Better Startup Interviews is the straight-talking, accountable and actionable show that features one problem, one expert and multiple solutions every single episode.

🎤 🎧 Welcome to the New Age!… Eh well almost there... so close! Its a work-in-process right? The New Age Human is for those who are looking for alternative solutions to their lifestyle because main stream thinking has somehow made us consciously asleep ZzzzZz - AND ass-backwards. Join us for some fun and thought provoking conversations on the advancement of humanity and how we can prepare for the coming changes in society.

 🎤 🎧 Milwaukee Uncut features compelling stories from Milwaukee’s legends to up-and-coming game changers, Milwaukee Uncut, formerly The GoGedders (2016-2023), features the uncut, unfiltered, entertaining stories of those working to move Milwaukee forward. Hosted by local entrepreneur Richie Burke and produced by Story Mark Studios, located in the heart of Walkers Point--the roots in Milwaukee run strong.

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