Using Medium and Substack to Grow Your Show

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So you might be wondering, what exactly is the Digital Presence Spectrum? Well, we think of it as a high level roadmap for embarking on your digital journey with a bit more confidence and wisdom. It’s simple, but useful way of prioritizing where to spend focus and energy. 

As you navigate through the Digital Presence Spectrum, you’ll notice that your goals, focus, and the ideal platforms and tools all evolve along the way. This growth is just as much a part of your podcasting journey as the content itself.

It’s also helpful to think of the spectrum as a continuum — a transition from ‘Early State’ goals to ‘End State’ goals. You’ll move from easy tasks to tackling the hard yards, from basic features to advanced capabilities, and from needing low-level skills to acquiring high-level competencies. You’ll also shift from quick tasks to making long-term commitments and from low-cost solutions to making significant investments.

It’s important to keep in mind that every digital presence journey is unique. Each one has its own starting point, detours, and redirections. So no matter where you currently stand on this spectrum, know that your position is temporary. With every piece of content you create, every interaction you have, and every platform you adopt, you are propelling yourself forward on this ever-evolving journey.

Article originally written by Juergen Berkessel and published on Polymash.

Community Hot Take

In the constantly evolving world of podcasting, having a high quality studio setup can significantly enhance the quality and consumption of your content. The studio in this video is an excellent breakdown of what you can use to build an amazing studio in your home! Watch Here

It’s on the 28th at 8 PM! Joe and Mike are doing a live version of the Friday Night Karaoke podcast, and its their mic drop competition #3.

Joe and Mike will highlight people singing karaoke, but, this episode will have three judges (including Amber from iHeart & Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup!!) and is sponsored by Shure microphones.

They are giving away a microphone to the winner, and will have a bunch of other prizes throughout the hour that they’re giving away to contestants and people who are on the live chat! Be sure to join them here!

In 2022, we launched the PodValue Initiative, focused on paying podcast hosts simply for their creative efforts. How it works: When podcasters use PodMatch to find their guests, we pay them as they release the episodes.

In 2022, we gave $72,802.70 to podcasters on PodMatch! Our goal for 2023 is to double that number. Quite ambitious, I know!

Today, I have a very proud update to share. As of this morning, here’s what we’ve been able to pay podcasters in 2023:


^ This means we’re on track to exceed our 2023 PodValue goal by $1,004.00.

The most exciting part is that PodMatch is profitable for podcast hosts! (Hosts who use PodMatch make money.) In addition to finding ideal guests and simplifying the entire booking/scheduling process, you can make money using it. I cannot think of a more amazing way to serve independent creators in podcasting!

IMPORTANT CLOSING NOTE: It’s not about the money, and it never will be. It’s about serving listeners through the vehicle of podcast interviews. With that said, I cannot express what an honor and joy it is to play a small part in positively impacting the bottom line of the indie podcasters who are making the world a better place! Learn More

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Podcast Career Opportunities

 🎤 🎧 Helping cooks make great cannabis edibles at home. Create your own tasty, healthy cannabis edibles and take control of your high life! Bite Me is a weekly show that helps home cooks make fun, safe and effective cannabis edibles. Listen as host Marge walks you through an infused recipe that she has tested in her home kitchen or learn from expert guests.

 🎤 🎧 From navigating dating apps to overcoming the friendzone to seeking a soulmate, this ain’t your momma’s love advice! Hosted by the Official Love Expert of The Drew Barrymore Show and LA Times advice columnist, Damona Hoffman, Dates & Mates is jam-packed with interviews from your favorites celebs, authors, and experts.

Dates & Mates is the 2022 Winner of The Best Podcast of the Year at The Black Podcasting Awards, #1 ranked love and relationship podcast by Cosmopolitan Magazine and a Top 10 Pick by HuffPost in the love category.

🎤 🎧 Welcome to the Run Thrive Survive podcast, where we dive inside a runner's mind!The best mental health podcast for endurance athletes! This podcast is focused on helping perform better in your training and in your life by opening up the conversation about anxiety, depression, ADHD, stress-management, sports psychology, and those EVERYDAY LIFE STRESSORS to become stronger on our runs and in our minds!

It's like having a personal coach for your mind with you on your runs!I love talking to all runners and endurance athletes who share their stories of overcoming mental barriars or who have found secrets to their training!

🎤 🎧 For any small business owner or entrepreneur who wants to get more visibility and brand recognition without any PR experiences, the Small Business PR podcast is the place for you. With untraditional yet proven strategies to help you hack your own PR and marketing without ads or agencies, this podcast will give you a roadmap to go from unknown to legendary, regardless of how "early" or "small" your business is.

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