Video Podcasts: A Passing Fad Or the Future of Podcasting?

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Fad or Future

As with any burgeoning industry, podcasting is evolving. I’ve seen many predict that video podcasting will be the next big thing. But some audiophiles are adamant that the shift to video will ruin everything by diminishing the craft of sound design and the art of audio storytelling.

Introducing video into the traditional audio-first podcast format allows creators to utilize a more robust bank of content while unlocking a different subset of viewers. That’s because consumers don’t only want to listen—many want to watch. We’re already seeing popular shows, such as Tiny Meat Gang and The H3 Podcast, flock to video-based podcasting. Other established podcasts may choose to go back and make video versions of their podcast libraries.

Is video changing the game?

Yes, for some. Video can serve as a supplement to many audio-only podcasts. Some creators will likely remain audio-first. Narrative, nonfiction and audio fiction are examples of genres where sound design truly enhances the listening experience. It’s a different type of art form. Read More

Article originally written by Nadjya Ghausi and published on Forbes

Community Hot Take
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Facebook Posts

Facebook may no longer be the cool app, or the place to hangout for younger users, but it remains the most accessed social media platform in the world, and it continues to add more users, as it expands into ever more markets.

Everyone checks into Facebook, because it’s where you’re connected to your closest friends and family, and you don’t want to miss out on a birthday notification or some other major milestone that’s announced via Facebook post.

That’s a big part of why almost 2 billion people still log into Facebook every day, and once they’re there, they are still spending time looking around, engaging in groups, sharing posts, etc. Read More

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