What Do Chart-Topping Podcasts Have in Common?

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Chart Topping Podcasts


Ranking in the Spotify or Apple Podcasts charts is the ultimate goal of many new podcasters. It's no wonder; podcast discoverability remains pretty basic compared to other platforms. Making the charts gives you a good chance of getting found by more listeners.

The ranking algorithms powering the charts are famously opaque, although Apple recently revealed that the listens, follows and completion rate are the factors that affect their podcast chart rankings.

We dug in to see if there are any other notable traits for top-ranking podcasts by analyzing Rephonic’s data on chart rankings, gender skew, episode frequency and more, across a few dozen countries with the highest podcast listenership.


  • Top-ranking shows on Spotify tend to be newer

  • Society & Culture, Comedy and True Crime shows chart the highest on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts

  • Top-ranking podcasts tend to publish new episodes weekly

  • Audiences of top-ranking shows on Apple Podcasts tend to skew male

Artical originally published on Rephonic/Blog.

Community Hot Take
The Best Podcast Player Apps for 2023

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In 2002, two years before the word "podcast" was coined, I stumbled across an iTunes station that sounded like an amateur talk radio show. A couple of friends got together each week, recorded an hour or more of their conversation, and posted it as The Great Radio Tiki Experiment. (The show is long gone, but archives(Opens in a new window) of it are still available.) It was one of the earliest podcasts, and I was hooked.

It took another decade for the medium to catch on widely, and now it seems like anyone can create a podcast. Today the podcast market is so overrun with content that the only way to find shows you love, organize episodes you want to hear, and listen to them is to download a dedicated podcast app.

Having tested around 25 podcast players, I've picked the ones that offer a great overall experience or something unique. Among these, I have a few personal favorites. Read More

Article originally written by Jill Duffy and published on PC Mag.

Celebrating Black Voices in Podcasting

In honor of Black History Month, join this incredible panel of podcasters for Podbean's Storytelling Podcast Week's live panel to celebrate Black voices in podcasting!

Thursday, Feb. 16th at 6PM EST (3PM PST), join us for this special LIVE panel!

Hosted by by Deneen L. Garrett of the podcast, "An Intimate Conversation with Women of Color" we'll be joined by: Danielle Desir Corbett, founder of The Thought Card Podcast and the new WOC Podcasters - The Podcast, Reginald Howard of the Black Mental Health Podcast and Jazz Williams, founder of JazzCast Pros Podcast Network and Host at WDKX-FM.

They'll share their journeys of becoming podcasters, the role community plays in podcasting, how as an open medium Black podcasters can build their audience without gatekeepers and so much more!You can also catch the replay along with all of the episodes from the full week on Podbean's official podcast, Podcasting Smarter. Learn More

Podcast Career Opportunities

🎤 🎧   What happens if your worst fear becomes your reality? Brent Cassity was a successful CEO working in a family business that grew to a national company that was recognized by the media of being the pioneers in their industry.

Brent had it all and lost it all. He found himself standing at the gates of Leavenworth Prison to serve a 5 year sentence. Brent's podcast, Nightmare Success explores the stories of inmates who were in and now out of prison. What was life like before they went in, life inside prison, and life now that they are back home. These conversations are deep, sad. often funny, but always interesting.

🎤 🎧   Savvy Budget Girl is a financial literacy and education platform. Wendy Coop is an author, veteran, and military spouse looking to help people have more money at the end of the month through budgeting and cash stuffing.

🎤 🎧 My name is Matthew B. Cox, host of Inside True Crime and I’m a con man. I completed a lengthy prison sentence for a variety of bank fraud related charges, and I’m 100 percent guilty of them all. I heard an outrageous amount of stories. Some intrigued me and some didn’t. I tend to focus on the more unique, clever, and bizarre true crime stories.

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