What Is a Podcast Network? Everything You Need to Know

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Podcast Network

A podcast network is a collection of podcasts under the umbrella of one company, which promotes those shows with a shared platform of advertisers. While the original goal of podcast networks was to bring in more ad revenue, becoming part of a network today often comes with other benefits, like help getting your podcast produced and distributed.

What do podcast networks do?

Podcast networks can help creators focus on what they do best — making their podcast — by taking on other important tasks, such as the following:

  • Help podcasts with their marketing and advertising. Podcast networks usually have existing relationships with companies that are already sponsoring other shows. So while you do share the revenue, you may gain access to better sponsorship opportunities. Plus, you don’t have to do the legwork of identifying sponsorship leads, pitching to get their support, and negotiating their rates.

  • Offer production help. You may also get support from a podcast producer to help with editing and post-production, which takes another responsibility out of your hands. They might also help with administrative tasks like researching show topics and booking guests.

  • Audience growth. Podcast networks have built-in audiences with other shows in their collection, as well as a marketing team to take over audience growth for you. They also cross-promote on their other podcasts, which can take the form of another podcast airing one of your episodes or you going on another podcast as a guest.

  • Develop opportunities beyond the podcast. Some podcast networks may have connections in other media channels, such as television, film, and books. That could potentially open the door to opportunities for your brand beyond the podcast, like speaking engagements or a book deal. Some podcasts have even been turned into their own television series, such as Homecoming and Lore. Read More

Artical originally written by Ashley Hamer and published on Descript.

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Capture Attention

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Article originally published on Forbes.

Podcast Career Opportunities

🎤 🎧 Raising 'Rents podcast is hosted by Zack Demopoulos and will give you everything you need to take care of your aging parents. It will inspire, educate and support through stories and experiences shared by those who have cared for an aging adult or is one themself!

🎤 🎧 Divorce for Busy Millennials is a podcast that will cover many topics directly and indirectly related to divorce. Legal matters, personal well-being, custody, property, surviving, healing and more! We will speak with experts in the field, law students, people who have been through it, and....me, a 30-something just trying to survive life, law school, and a divorce.

We WILL laugh about some tough topics because it's better than crying! I want this to be a "space" where people give real, candid advice, but I also want for the listeners feel some solidarity with me and the guests. Happy listening!


🎤 🎧  Classic Conversations takes a deep dive into pop nostalgia!

Pop culture influencers, TV stars, film actors, comedians, and musicians share inspirational stories about the road to success. Insightful conversations that are part comedy/part drama and are always entertaining! With your host, comedian, Jeff Dwoskin.

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