Word of Mouth Marketing: A Classic Podcast Growth Strategy

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Word of mouth marketing is one of the best ways to grow your podcast. But, how do you execute a well thought out and planned word of mouth marketing campaign?

Word of mouth is a phrase to describe people sharing something with someone else unprompted or without incentive.

Think about the last time you went to dinner with friends. What did you talk about?

Maybe a movie you saw last week or the latest artist you can’t stop streaming. If somebody in the conversation said, “Hey, you’ve got to try [x].” That’s word of mouth. The person didn’t recommend a movie because they were paid by the studio. They shared it because they loved it.

Word-of-mouth marketing encourages those moments by creating a product, customer experience, or message that resonates with an audience enough for them to express their reaction to others. Read More

Article originally written by Luke Ferris and published on foundr.

Community Hot Take

Trying to work out your Threads strategy?

Okay, maybe you’re not this week, given reports that Threads engagement has seen a significant drop-off from its initial launch highs. But the early hype and interest in the app does bode well for its potential future success, if Meta’s able to add in key additional features, like a follow feed of just the accounts that you’ve chosen to see, and a desktop app.

Both of those are coming, and once they arrive, it does seem like Threads will see more engagement. Because if nothing else, the fact that 116 million users have signed up to the app shows that there’s a clear interest in a viable Twitter alternative, which, as Musk and Co. continue to switch things up, isn’t going to subside anytime soon. Read More

Original article written by Andrew Hutchinson and published on SocialMediaToday

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